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Caterer for small group at Christmas

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What is the name of a good caterer for 10 adults (not counting the kiddies) at Christmas. I have used Fox & Obel but would welcome some new ideas. This dinner would be in a downtown location on December 22nd -
Thanks for your suggestions -

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  1. How about Eatzie's on Clark? I think it is the Lakeview-ish area. It is a grocery/gourmet place - like the Fox. A friend of mine ordered Thanksgiving from there 3 years ago and liked it. Not sure of address - it is in the same building as the Aveda Institute, a Movie Theatre..kind of a tall mall. They are in the bottom.

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          I don't really know. I work out in the Century Mall (where Eatzi's was) and as of last week, it's completely closed down. I thought I read some where that they were closing up a lot of their stores. I walked through it several time but always were turned off by the prices which I felt were a couple more dollars higher then it needed to be. But it was a great concept and I'm suprised that it didn't last longer (not everyone is as cheap as me!)

    1. How about Heaven on Seven
      They have a wide variety of food choices

      1. You could try the Goddess and the Grocer. She also owns Cru Wine Bar and could suggest wines for pairing purposes. The downtown location is on Delaware and Wabash.


        Whole Foods. I was there on Thanksgiving and quite a few people came in to grab dinner. They offer catering services as well. The Gold Coast location has very friendly staff and a wonderful array of cheeses for starters.

        30 West Huron St
        Phone: 312.932.9600

        For desserts I would suggest Vanille Patisserie on Clybourn.

        1. Check out FIG Catering. We just used them for an engagement party for 35 and the food got raves. Molly and Justin were great to work with.


          1. Looking for a caterer? Contact FIG Catering (molly@figcatering,com). We're extremely pleased clients. Spanish tapas were served to 70 guests to rave reviews. The food was "magnifico." The timing and execution were flawless. The waitstaff could not have been more friendly and eager to serve. Molly and Justin helped us treat our guests to a memorable evening. We'd recommend FIG without any reservation.