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Nov 27, 2007 10:44 AM

What Should I get at SPQR?

Going to dinner for the first time at SPQR. What are the "must have" dishes? I don't eat meat but love seafood.

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  1. For small plates I adored the brussels sprouts and thought the escarole was ok. (I don't eat meat either). I had a pasta with broccoli and found it to be bland and oversalted. Found the desserts (budino with quince, pistachios, caramel candy and the chocolate panini) to be less than wonderful.

    1. Sweetbreads.... [sigh]. Also the pork croquette if it is on the menu, which changes daily.

      1. ANYTHING with pork in it! Seriously! And the carbonara was amaxing

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          Since the original poster specified that s/he doesn't eat meat, can you recommend any seafood dishes for him/her?

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Doh! I am an idiot! I spred-read that. The rigatoni al cacio e pepe was excellent as well.

        2. I haven't been yet, but Patricia Unterman recently reviewed it, so here is the link.

          1. I liked the calamari entree - have had it a couple of times. The tuna conserva appetizer is a favorite. My mouth is watering to think about it. And the budino dessert is to die for. Cacio e pepe pasta is quickly becoming my "must have" item there.