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Nov 27, 2007 10:37 AM

Coconut shrimp on the Peninsula?

For some reason, at this moment, I am struck by a peculiar desire to get coconut shrimp; what I'm picturing is the crispy fried kind beloved by the kind of chain restaurant a friend dubbed "brass and fern bars." Okay, it's a weird craving, but what can I say?

Unfortunately, I can't think of a single place offhand that has these anywhere, even the chain brass and fern bars that come to mind. And at least in theory, some non-chain restaurant could do these. Right?

Anyone ever seen these? I work in Mountain View and live in Foster City, so I'm thinking primarily of the Peninsula as a target area (as far south as Cupertino, as far north as Daly City), although if someone knows of a good place outside that region I'd be interested in hearing about it on general principle.

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  1. the peninsula creamery (a diner) in downtown palo alto has coconut shrimp. can't say whether they're any good or not... i don't think they'll be transcendent.

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    1. re: thejulia

      While I'd like to find transcendent coconut shrimp, one suspects that's kind of like, oh, transcendent jalapeno poppers. In theory, they've gotta be out there somewhere, but...

      I suppose I should give a look to some of the seafood restaurants to see if they're doing such things, though.

    2. The Cheesecake Factory in Palo Alto has something called Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp and it's REALLY yummy; not exaactly what you are looking for but might do the trick

      1. I think you want Cheesecake Factory, or possibly Trader Vics? If you are feeling more adventurous you might try a Malaysian place, like Spice Islands in Mountain View.

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        1. re: P. Punko

          The Dim Sum takeout at Ranch 99 El Cerrito has something like that. Try your local Ranch 99.

          1. re: P. Punko

            I might try the Malaysian place, then, thanks. Finding chain restaurants that do this isn't too difficult -- in theory, at least, although I gather coconut shrimp may be out of fashion -- but it'd be nice to try non-chain variants, definitely.

            (Trader Vic's is a good thought, though, particularly if I also want a tiki drink and don't want to go across to Forbidden Island in Alameda, the tiki mecca.)

          2. Try Kincaids in Burlingame...

            1. Elephant Bar in Burlingame and Daly City (Serramonte)
              Red Lobster in San Bruno
              Outback in Daly City and San Mateo