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Best Oysters in Manhattan

Where to go for the best? Freshest, best atmosphere, best selection? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Freshest: Blue Ribbon and Balthazar
    Selection: Oyster Bar at GCS and Schaffer City
    Atmosphere: Depends on your mood...

    1. freshest? Fresh in Tribeca...i kid you not.

      shaffer city overall though.

      1. Aquagrill. Usually more than 25 varieties are available. Nice room. In spring, sit outside.

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          Or, in not so nice weather sit inside at the bar for $1 bluepoints at happy hour. Agreed though, they have a great overall selection and a nice vibe.

        2. Grammercy Tavern had some excellent oysters last night. Furthermore they offer "tastes" (more than half of a "full" glass) of champagne. Which is nice if you don't want to get completely sloshed before other courses come out. Marlow and Son's in Williamsburg has great oysters as well. Lure Bar in Soho had a decent selection.

          For more of a selections I would with halo's rec at Grand Central Station.

          1. Freshest and best selection:Shaffer City. If atmosphere really matters (it never does to me), then Aquagrill gets the nod as a close second in the previous categories in a nicer place.

            1. The freshest and best shucked in Manhattan is at Track's. I will concede that others mentioned have more of a selection and atmosphere but I consider those points moot if you're looking for substance over style.

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                agreed with guttergourmet.
                shaffer city and aquagrill in respect to freshness, selection, and ambience

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                  Tracks? Never been-Penn Station, right? When did they open? Is it really worth a trip if you're not otherwise catching a train?

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                    Yes it is. They are the only shuckers in NYC I know who keep the liquor in the shell, serve the oysters cold and have the oysters taste exactly as described on their menu. Their kitchen menu is another story (as in it can suck) except for the NE clam chowder and the spinach salad with sea scallop which are both pretty good.

                    GCOB serves oysters way too warm and dry, when I went to Aquagrill the oysters again, drained of their liquid but served cold. Their uni dish, as an aside,was awful. Really bland.weren't bad but their decor is certainly better. Shaffer can be hit or miss.

                    So far I've only been to three outstanding oyster places in the NE. Track's, Max's Oyster House in West Hartford, CT and a camp ground in Aspy Bay, Nova Scotia.

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                      i've been wanting to go to tracks. what exactly is the selection? an east and a west coast? or more than 2?

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                        It varies. The last time I was there they had 9 0r 12 varieties. 60% east coast, 30% west.

                2. I just had a half dozen FANTASTIC oysters at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central. The rest of the food was just okay, but the oysters...WOW!

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                    GCOB ties for variety and I like the atmosphere too. Missed the annual Oyster Frenzy this year.

                  2. I went to Lure Fishbar in Soho for lunch today and someone would have to seriously prove to me that I didn't have the freshest oysters in town - briny, fresh from the sea taste - shared a dozen made up of equal quantities of Malpeque, Fanny Bay and Kumamoto. Unbelievably good!!!

                    And Lure is a very cool space - very much inside-the-yacht look - comfortable, great staff and a very good lobster roll also.