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Nov 27, 2007 09:48 AM

Gui Lin in Rockville, Kliman rave

Anyone heard of this place?

Kliman led with it in his chog today. Been around twenty years??? I couldn't find anything about it, but he says it's Hong Kong style Chinese and loves the soups, especially the shrimp dumpling soup. Also talks about a short ribs with black pepper sauce.

My mouth was watering ...

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    1. re: Bonz

      Perhaps someone from the Postal Service can explain how that address is in "Rockville."

      1. re: Pappy

        It's almost right smack in the middle of Rockville, what are you talking about?

        1. re: woden

          Thanks Rand McNally! In my 30 years as a Washingtonian we've always called that Gaithersburg. Silly me.

          1. re: Pappy

            Excuse me but that area is called "North Potomac" (ie Gaithersburg)

            1. re: cleveland park

              I believe it's technically in Rockville since the zip code is 20850. And, the Rockville/North Potomac boundary seems to be just west of Travilah Square by a little residential street, Nolan Dr.

              Geography aside...

              Would anyone mind posting recent experiences at Guilin? I had a horrible dinner there a few years ago and have never been back. Maybe they have new ownership or chefs?

              1. re: juniormints

                Ha, you're right, technically it is Rockville but closer to G'burg. I'm still trying to figure out the whole North Bethesda thing, don't mind me...

              2. re: cleveland park

                Judging by the Google Map, Gui Lin is almost but not quite exactly equidistant from the words North Potomac, Gaithersburg and Rockville. I hereby dub it North Gaitherville.

                I will add this to my lunch rotation and report back when I have the chance. The shrimp dumpling soup sounded tasty.

                1. re: DC Taco

                  DC Taco -- I like the way you think. North Gaitherville.

                  My office is not too far away. If you'd like, post on the board the day before, or even the morning before you plan on giving it a try and I will meet you there if I am free. Happy Chowing.

                  1. re: Pappy

                    Pappy--have you tried the nearby (in South Darnsville) Ma Ma Wok--9900 Key West Ave. I went there a few times in the old days and found if you ordered traditional Sichuan things from the right part of the menu it was fairly tasty. I recall especially the peanut and tiny fish munchy appetizer, for example.

                    It's very close to the Childrens Hosp. Clinic.

                    1. re: johnb

                      Have not been there. Of course, I have Joe's Noodle minutes from my house. In fact 10 of us had lunch at JNH on Sunday. Audrey was not there, and I have to admit, it just doesn't run quite as well without her. The Fried Smelts and Peanuts were great. The Jellyfish Salad excellent. The Wontons in Hot and Sour perfect. And the Sichuan Rabbit stellar. Unfortanately, they definitely held back on the Ma Po Tofu and the Tibetan Lamb. I can also say that the Home Made Bacon with Leeks had a bit of a burnt taste. Other dishes that rounded out the meal were good. Oh, and the beer was cold.

              3. re: Pappy

                Many years ago while going to college I was the day dispatcher for Barwood cab during the summer. When a call for a cab near the Washington Adventist Hospital came in (which appears to be across the street) I-based on those who came before me-would call for a cab in Gaithersburg. For whatever reason there may be home developers who have found they can sell a house for more if it has a Rockville address than a Gaithersburg address but years ago this was considered by the local cab company to be Gaithersburg.

                By the way, isn't "Potomac" now just down the road? Years ago that was a LONG way away.

        2. My family and I eat here quite often. I can't vouch for their "americanized" Chinese food, but their fresh steamed fish (with ginger, scallions, and soy) is top-notch. We usually get a fish, spare ribs, and a platter of vegetables. The fatty sausage with rice served in a pot is delicious as well.