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Nov 27, 2007 09:41 AM

Noshville: 883 miles from New York

Today my boyfriend and I ate at a recently opened deli, Noshville (Green Hills), in Nashville, TN. Ostensibly, the deli is fashioned after the infamous deli's of New York, but this is certainly a case where something got lost in the translation. Besides the free pickles on the table, everything about this experience was a disappointment, and the best way to describe my stomach right now is queazy.

Now one might wonder how it is possible to mess up a grilled cheese sandwich (which is what I ordered), but Noshville has found a way. It wasn't necessarily the mushy tomatoes and flimsy bread that ruined it, but rather the substance used to grill the sandwich (an oil and butter substitute that tasted like rancid oil). After a few bites we realized it was simply inedible. We told our waiter who in turn told his manager who in turn came over and proceeded to explain to us that the foulness we had tasted was all in our heads. Perhaps this abracadabra, emperor's new clothes, hocus pocus works in Nashville, but this place wouldn't last a week in New York. My partner's egg salad sandwich was an exploration in how much mayo can you put in egg salad before it's no longer egg salad. Needless to say, few bites were possible with this meal as well.

You'd be better off taking your money to Whole Foods around the corner. There are some decent places to get lunch in Nashville. Fido in Hillsboro Village knows a thing or two about tasty sandwiches (actually, the food and atmosphere there would give you more of a New York experience than Noshville).

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  1. If you eat only the stuff they didn't cook themselves (the meats, the pickles) you can get a decent meal at Noshville. Although you can't get pickled tomatoes.

    1. I ate at the one on Broadway when I was there last month and really enjoyed it.

      1. Although I hate to hear that anyone had a bad experience in Nashville, I will second that Noshvill knows how to ruin a grilled cheese sandwich. I personally think that they fall into the category of overrated along with the Pancake Pantry. I'm glad you had a good experience at Fido -- it's a good place in a fun neighborhood. Hopefully your last meal in town wasn't at Noshville!

        1. And let me point out that you can get good deli food in Nashville -- at Goldie's. The atmosphere isn't exactly NYC, but the food is all that. Except for no pickled tomatoes, of course. :)

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            Goldie's is delicious, and priced a bit more attractively than Noshville as well, though I do head to Nosh for an H&H bagel fix now and again. The OP's statement that Noshville would never survive in NY is one that I m not sure I can agree with. I'm only 20 and I have already had more than one dissapointing NY deli experience...but on the whole they are right, a place like Katz's would blow Noshville out of the water.

          2. Noshville is our neighborhood place, so I've eatn practically everything on the menu. We are most often there at breakfast for brunch. The matzo brei is great, if you like matzo brei, and the potato pancakes are addictive. The matzo ball soup is my favorite -- it's like a carb bomb. I love the reuben and the Rachel (but I haven't ordered either in a year -- maybe there's an issue with the grill). I've also enjoyed the pot roast and the roast chicken.Had mixed experiences with the meatloaf. I can't say I've ordered a grilled cheese or egg salad -- too much like what's in the fridge at home. Sorry you had a bad experience -- it's true that we're not New York, but you should have had a better experience than you did.