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Nov 27, 2007 09:40 AM

AZAMI Sushi on Melrose - A M A Z I N G!

I have raved about Azami Sushi Cafe on Melrose before, and I am singing praises once again! This sushi bar has really earned its stay in my top three sushi bars in LA.

We have been a number of times, and every time we are impressed by the total experience. The sushi is extremely high quality and delicious beyond most, the service is steady, the tea is perfect, and the sushi chefs are friendly, welcoming and accommodating beyond any other sushi bar I know.

The dishes are creative and complex in flavor. The chef will tell you exactly what part of the fish she is serving, and each item is served with much pampering and the perfect seasoning (salt, yuzu, soy rub, etc.). Additionally, we were presented with a dish of real, freshly grated wasabi. The fish is not covered -- as in many sushi bars; rather, it is skillfully enhanced by these seasonings.

The sushi chefs made us feel special and welcome by really listening to our pace and preferences. Never did they impose a packaged "set" on us, and although we were on an omakase plan, we were free to interrupt the plan at any time to change or adjust the course.

This sushi bar is entering its seventh year and the chefs/owners really care about their customers and take really good care of their customers!

AZAMI Sushi Cafe
7160 Melrose (at Formosa Avenue)
Los Angeles

They will honor reservations at the bar or at the tables!

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    1. re: trojans

      I've gotten out of there for $85 for 2 at lunch, but is has gone higher plenty of times, up to $120 (including tip). I haven't been for a few months because I started work on the westside. This post has got me dying to go back!

      1. re: trojans

        trojans -- I believe that the menu states that omakase begins at $35/pp.

        Since the chefs are extremely friendly and accommodating, you can adjust the program to suit your tastes and appetite. So, for example, if you are very hungry, tell the chefs that you would like something filling; I know they will satisfy you! If, on the other hand, you do not want the entire omakase plan, give your chef notice and she will select the best of what she has to complete your dinner in a most satisfying way.

        Azami really values you as a customer, no matter what your appetite and tastes and preferences...oh, so different from Nozawa and the like!

      2. I love Azami! Favorite sushi in LA.

        1. Agree with everything and I frequent this place. I have to say my last meal there about 2 months ago was not so good. Niki was not there for some reason and I was served by newcomer sushi chef Jane. That could be the sole reason right there as Niki usually gives me the good stuff. However, toward the 2nd half of my dinner, a new batch of rice was made. The rice was simply poorly (under)cooked not all the way through. This really detracted from the sushi. You don't usually think about the rice when it's fine but when it's bad it's extremely noticeable. I would compare it to biting into gristle with every piece of steak. I commented on this to the chef but nothing was done. It's unfortunate what 1 bad experience does for my opinion of this place, which has been nothing but praises up to this point.

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          1. re: zack

            I hesitate to write in on this as I have been a customer of Azami since they first opened (and can to a large degree credit Niki for really opening my mind in what types of fish and dishes I would try) and really don't want to give any bad press.

            However- I had a recent experience very similar to yours. We did get there rather late (9:30) and Niki was leaving so we were served by the newer chefs. The fish was still great quality but it didn't seem like the same care was made in the preparation and it wasn't as good.

            It was rather dissapointing as I had never once had a bad experience. I'm thinking that the newer staff still needs a little more experience and hope that the next time I go back, everything is good again!

          2. Looks like the general consensus is to go only when Niki is on duty!