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Nov 27, 2007 09:07 AM


I'm sure it's a great place to live, but to me, it's a mystery city!

We're going to a show at the Ruth B. Shannon Center for the Arts on Friday night and can use some recommendations about where to eat after the show.

Any good ideas? Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

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    1. re: Servorg

      OK, the Golden Triangle is one option...
      Any others?

      1. re: CEfromLA

        Two or three blocks uphill from GT is a place with good crepes, and one or two blocks downhill from GT on Greenleaf is a Santa Maria BBQ.

    2. Phlight Restaurant & Wine Bar in Uptown Whittier is the only serious option besides the Golden Triangle. Phlight is sophisticated and innovative, serving mostly "small plates" that are tasty in a "fusion" sort of way, combining flavors from various world cuisines. There is live jazz some evenings.

      1. Well, if you want to consider someplace outside of Whittier but possibly on your way to a freeway, there are some decent ones in Fullerton, Hacienda Heights, etc.

        You didn't state if you have any budget or cuisine preferences.

        Good fish tacos can be had at Taco Nazo at La Habra, but that's really casual and cheap, more like fast food. Good British Pub at Fullerton at Olde Ship. Going down towards Brea it's Taps for higher end seafood & steak.

        Earthern in Hacienda Heights (just travel via Colima North) at Hacienda Heights has great chinese food (dumplings & noodles).

        Rowland Heights has a few good Cantonese.

        Whittwood Town Center in Whittier Blvd opened up a food court area. There's also a good old reliable but dull Ruby's Diner there too. Your normal chains like Panera and Maui Hawaiian BBQ, but there's a new Thai and Japanese restaurant (not fast food) there that I unfortunately hadn't gotten around to yet.

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        1. re: notmartha

          There's also Ma Lan Noodles in Hacienda Heights, which has fantastic hand-pulled noodles.

        2. You're pretty close to Pico Rivera, so you could have dinner at the Dal Rae, which is a great throwback to older steakhouses. they also serve great fish.