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Nov 27, 2007 08:34 AM

whig (cola, sc) (& a soon-to-be place in asheville)

anybody have anything to say about the whig on gervais? the only mentions i can find in the archives are a year or two old. i met one of the owners, drew, this past weekend in asheville, nc where he is opening a new place (the admiral? - says it will open this week). the place in asheville, based on the sample menu, looks promising. he says it will be a gastropub, serving evening hours initially, then expanding into lunch & weekend brunch. the new place looked kind of swanky when i peeked through the window. is his place in cola worthwhile? obviously, it'll be a different chef/staff in asheville, but i'm curious if drew has a reputation for opening good restaurants.

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  1. The whig is a great place, but it's not known as much for the food as it is the drinking. It's basically a dive bar, so if the place in Asheville is swanky, it's probably going to be a much different vibe.

    I haven't had them myself but the tacos are cheap and from what I hear, incredible.

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      well, we can always use another watering hole. are the drink prices at the whig in keeping with a dive bar? drew seemed to think that most of the places on haywood (where the admiral is) were too pricey. the menu he has posted would be competitive with the nicer place(s) on haywood, and if it's cheaper, so much the better.

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        The drink prices are what you would expect at a dive bar.

    2. I tried the Whig one evening right after they opened. Two friends and I got a couple of drinks each. No food.

      It was bar service - no table service. I left a dollar cash tip. (Which was plenty based on my tab.) One gal wrote in a one dollar tip on her credit card. When her statement arrived the tip amount had magically changed to two dollars.

      I haven't been back.

      1. the whig in columbia is awesome. i was a regular at taco tuesday (50 cents/taco) while i was in grad school, which was the best deal in town as a student. drew was a fabulous bartender and now that i live in asheville i'm looking forward to checking out the admiral tonight. not many people knew the whig served food, but they had a delicious menu with sort of new southern food. my only complaint was that it was a bit smoky at times. definitely worth checking out though.

        1. I stopped by The Admiral on Saturday night. I really liked the place, and the menu was great. We had the pimento cheese dip and the mussels, and both were very good. You can check out some of the menu items at their myspace page,

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