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Nov 27, 2007 08:30 AM

Kosher Chinese in Queens (recommendations?)

Does anybody have any recommendations for kosher Chinese food in Queens? Specifically, I am looking for something a bit more authentic, or at least more interesting, than the garden variety kosher Chinese places... I also noticed a place on Queens Blvd. near 67th Ave. called "(Something) Wok" or something like that (I saw it briefly from th ecar window)... Thanks

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  1. Chosen Garden on 108th st in Forest Hills has very good food.

    1. The Wok on Queens Blvd is a decent take-out place but would definitely be in the "garden variety" camp.

      Cho-Sen Garden on 108th is a sit-down place with table service. It's very good.

      Two other excellent options: Annie's Kitchen on Main Street in Kew Gardens Hills is a tiny take-out place with a few tables, but it's as authentic as you'll find. The same Annie who runs the place also runs Annie Chan's on Union Turnpike in Hillcrest, which is mostly the same food but in a bigger and nicer setting.

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        Chosen is the best in Queens in terms of quality and service.

      2. Cho-Sen Garden is by far your best choice. Great food, great service, and pretty good prices as well.