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Nov 27, 2007 08:26 AM

Kosher Restaurants in Dallas

I was wondering if there were any kosher restaurants that deliver to the business area/downtown in Dallas for lunch or dinner?

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  1. Check out - and

    I am not sure when you will be in Dallas but I am will be there this week and let you know what I find out -

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    1. re: weinstein5

      Stuie's Place in Richardson does. IMO they have the best kosher food in Dallas.

      1. re: jeterfan

        stuie's place looked good but their website says they are closed as of November 15, 2007 -

    2. Just to confirm, Stuies is indeed closed. Some of the restaurants do catering delivery, but no one would deliver an usual 10 or 20 lunch meal.

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      1. re: texasmensch

        It's a shame that Stuie's closed. I enjoyed the food when I was in Dallas.

      2. I was at Pyramid Grill at the Fairmont Dallas for dinner with colleagues and someone asked the waiter (on my behalf), "do you have anything kosher?" I cracked up, but the waiter said, "of course," offering a choice of 3 different plastic-wrapped (microwaved) prepared dinners (meat). I decided to order veggies instead, so I can't say if the offerings are good, but how great to know that this is available in Dallas!

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          OK, after 4 days of business travel in Houston and Dallas, living on m&ms, yogurt, fruit, etc., I broke down and ordered the kosher pot roast dinner at Pyramid Grill. Sorry to report that it was terrible! A greasy, salty, steamy TV dinner in a little black tray...I can't wait to get home.

        2. Cafe Fino
          7522 Campbell Rd. Suite 108
          Dallas, TX 75248

          Kosher Supervision: Dallas Kosher

          Cafe Fino Express
          7900 Northaven Rd.
          Dallas, TX 75230

          Kosher Supervision: Dallas Kosher

          Note: I did not verify the Kosher status of these places. Just posting as a courtesy to other Chowhounds who are looking for Kosher food in Dallas. It is up to your to verify that these establishments meet your needs.

          Here is also a guide to Kosher food in Dallas. It might be outdated:

          That list also shows:
          Stuie's Place Deli and Grill
          800 North Coit Road Suite 2550-B
          Richardson (North Dallas), TX 75080 USA

          However, a fellow Chowhound noted that they might be closed. So again, this list might not be updated. Call to verify.

          Hope this is helpful.

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          1. re: Kosher Travel

            I was in Dallas a couple of months ago and the list on Shamash - was up to date - search the Dallas Metro area

            LOCATED LBJ AND PRESTON 972-726-9800 TRY AND ENJOY

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            1. re: ESTERTX

              Dear Ester,
              I ate at your place ,
              (קודם כל תירגעי)
              Calling it "the best food in Dallas" is a bit much, don't you think?
              Please don't take it as a personal attack......but.....
              The food is flavor less, the Humus was mostly made out of tahina, the tahina was made mostly made out of water, Sorry,
              I wish you well but please please make the food as it needs to be, please use proper spices and....cut down on the watering down, it gives a bad impression.