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Nov 27, 2007 08:18 AM

Most Romantic Restaurant In North Dallas?

My lovely wife the Rock Star admits to having a birthday soon. When I asked her what she wanted, she said, "You know me. Just make it romantic." Therefore, I am on a quest to find the most romantic restaurant in the North Dallas area. Here are some guidelines:
1. Should be RELATIVELY inexpensive to moderately priced. I'd love to take her to Trader Vic's, but my wallet says, not very likely. (If I get enough good suggestions, I might be able to take her to more than one place, I hope...)
2. It should be located west of Central, east of I35, north of LBJ, and south of the northernmost parts of Frisco.
3. Her faves include: Roys, Kona Grill, Genki Sushi, Cantina Laredo, good, cheap Italian, and .HIGH QUALITY comfort food.
4. If it also features live music, so much the better.
5. Wine bars are also good, she loves those as well.
Don't let me down, guys. Where would you take (or like to be taken by) your special someone? Thanks.

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    1. Czar, since you and the Rockstar seem to be into wine, how about Amici Italian in Carrollton where you can BYO?

      1. Too bad y'all can't consider The Grape due to location - it sounds exactly what you are looking for.

          1. re: bhoward

            Good selections so far guys---I'll be sure to check them out. The Rockstar and I thank you so much!!!

          2. Terellis in Frisco (good food and atmosphere plus live music)
            Chow Thai Pacific Rim (best seabass ever)
            MoMo's Pasta (they have a few locations-N.Dallas one is on Beltline in Addison). Pasta is all made fresh in house).

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            1. re: foodie06

              We found Terrelli's had very slow service with a 'couldn't care less' attitude to match.

              Chow Thai is odd food. It left us feeling unsatisfied.

              I would not recommend either of these places.