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Nov 27, 2007 08:10 AM

College Exams Gift Basket needed ASAP

Looking for gift basket recs for college daughter at Brandeis, just outside Boston. Doesn't have to be glatt kosher, but no meat/pork/nonkosher products. I usually send my own stuff, but have too much work deadlines and won't be able to do that. Need to send as combo college exams/partial Bday gift. Poor kid, her Bday is 1st night of Chanukah, she hates having a dual celebration. Last year we arranged for a cake, but she won't be home on her birthday and doesn't want one.

DD loves candy, chocolate, fresh fruit, tea, is semi vegetarian, into "healthy" foods (like choc chip cookies made with real butter and whole wheat flour, LOL!). She has access to mini fridge & microwave. Have to warn you, I am really cheap, not that I am not willing to spend money, but quality for price is very important. Please send recs of places you have used (free shipping would be a plus!). Thanks!

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  1. Diane-
    When I had friends at Brandeis and they wanted treats... they ALWAYS requested Dunkin' Donuts gift cards. Especially during Chanukah. It was all about the jelly donuts!

    1. Here are a few ideas... [healthy exam package!
      ] [this looks great too
      ] [bday package w/ chocolate!
      ] [healthier
      ] [for exams
      ] [this site you build your own, so you can combine the healthy for the body with the healthy for the comforting


      or... you could get fruit and pastries delivered from somewhere like harry and david's, cardullo's, zingerman's (too far i fear if you don't want to pay shipping, but their rugelach is great...), etc.

      1. My daughter stayed in Rochester for Thanksgiving - we're a couple of miles fram Brandeis. I sent her a box of goodies from Whole Foods for her long weekend without turkey. She's also semi-vegetarian and tries to eat sensibly. As much as I can recall, here's what I shipped to her:
        a few of pkgs. of microwavable Indian and Asian dishes, a tin of stuffed grape leaves, a pomegranate, a jar of chestnuts, ind. wrapped choc.-filled crepes, hot choc. mix, a wax-covered smoked cheddar, Israeli marshmallows, snack bars, dried veggie slices, chopped spicy dried veggies, some dried fruit, choc. covered salted caramels, a pkg of interesting crackers and some mixed nuts. I ended up spending about $70, which was well-worth it. She TOTALLY loved it and felt like she had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with treats from home.