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Nov 27, 2007 07:51 AM

Has the Brite Spot in Echo Park gone completely downhill?

I know this place has been dissed to infinity, but there was a few dishes I really fell in love with: the country-fried steak and eggs, and the breakfast quesadilla. Since Julio (the "mayor" of Silverlake) stopped working there, it seems that the service has just gotten worse-and-worse. This past Friday, things hit an all-time low for me when I sat down, and received ZERO service for almost 20 minutes. And for most of those 20 minutes, I was subjected to overhearing the head server/manager lady complain about having to work on the day after Thanksgiving. She was just blabbing away, while my wife and I are waiting for something to happen: a menu, some water, anything!!!

We ended up leaving the restaurant, thoroughly disgusted with the absolute lack of service. Has anyone had similar problems over there in the last six months?

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  1. I visit about 5 times a year. Nothing to complain about - just a good local diner without the 'pizazz' of Fred 62. So I take the tourists to Fred 62, and I take the wife to Brite Spot.

    1. Hollis is completely right. I've been going there since before Julio ran things (and he improved upon the place – décor and menu - significantly) and absolutely loved the place during his tenure. Believe me when I tell you – I was there three or four days a week. When he mysteriously disappeared, things quickly went downhill. Most of the regular help left, and they hired the first people who came in the door with little or no experience. Over the past six months, I’ve seen numerous spills on customers, the Saturday morning where they ran out of forks, and the countless times they have run out of other dishes. Not to mention taking polish sausage off the menu (blasphemy!). As of two weeks ago, they told me that they were going to try to “turn things around” but we’ll see. It’s a shame that the best breakfast place on the eastside has fallen. First we lost The Crest Coffee Shop to “Good” – and now this.

      1. I'm not a huge fan of the Brite Spot either. There are a few dishes that I enjoy there (breakfast quesadilla, french toast), but service has been going down hill IMHO. Has anyone else noticed how they've replaced real cream with non-dairy creamer on all the tables? Ghetto! Who wants to use fake creamer in their coffee at a diner? Not me.

        1. Wow. The Britespot has never been a favorite of mine, but I used to go with friends who loved it, for diner breakfast or late night snacks. Last time was the last time. Service took ages, and there were several empty dirty tables. I figured they just got slammed and did'nt think much of it until a confused waitress took our order, and kept telling us our order was coming right up. It took about another four coffee refills, with artificial creamer cups til' my poached eggs arrived undercooked with runny WHITES.The whole plate was cold, the english muffin was sopping wet with COLD EGG WATER, and the potatoes were burnt, with some spots still frozen. YUMMY!Boyfriend's omelette was also cold with a long black hair tangled around it. We started talking to the group next to us who were equally baffled with their tardy orders, they arrived before us and were still waiting for toast. We apologised to the waitress, and to the cashier, left a tip and scrammed. Weirdly, they understood, nodding and apologising. I'm surprised they're still open.
          A few months later, we ran into an ex-britespot waitress at Langer's Deli, she said they fired everybody all at once.

          1. I took my nephew to the Brite Spot in January, his first visit...I live close by and usually go for breakfast recovery after a late night. There were only two of us but I couldn't believe it when TWO groups of people who were seated just after us not only had their order taken before us, but also received their meals - before we were able to even order!! When the waiter finally came by I mentioned to him that we had been waiting quite a while to place our order - he turned away in a huff without saying one word. Next thing you know the manager comes to take our order, she had attitude just daring me to complain. Very embarrassing and my nephew refuses to go back.

            The food is just not worth it.