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Nov 27, 2007 06:49 AM

woops-part of a rotten egg in my cake batter!


After beating together my oil and sugar, I cracked a rotten egg into my cake batter! I was able to spoon out most of it (and add other fresh eggs), but do you think I need to start all over? Will any trace of rotten egg make it disgusting (and dangerous?)


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  1. I would dump it and start over...better safe than sorry.

      1. I learned the hard way, in a similar situation.
        ALWAYS break your eggs into a separate cup, BEFORE adding to the batter.


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          As a little kid, my job was gathering the eggs from the hen house. There were always some I couldn't get because the hens wouldn't budge. So -- there would be a bad egg now and then. Mother ALWAYS broke each egg separately into a little bowl before adding to a recipe. I haven't encountered any rotten store-bought eggs, but I recently came across an egg with blood in it. Yuck!

        2. This happened to my mom one time. Guess what she did? Spooned out what she could and then gently rinsed out the remainder with ice cold water! It was a creamed *butter* and sugar mixture though, so your success might vary.

          1. I don't know about dangerous, but sulfur compounds are even nastier when heated, so I'm going to bet that it's going to taste "off" if not completely disgusting. Toss it and chalk it up to a learning experience (to crack your eggs into a separate bowl before adding, as another poster noted).