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Nov 27, 2007 06:31 AM

Charleston: late night, small plates

I'll be rolling into town around 10:00 on next Thurs. night. I need a place that's open late, where I can get light dinner, so hopefully some small plates. I was thinking, Fig, La Fourchette, Cru, Sienna, but I don't know if any of those fit the bill. Ideas?

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  1. Danna,
    I was at La Fourchette last Wed nite - amazing. Exactly like a small bistro in Lyon - very small and very crowded. Highlights were the fries, fois gras, hanger steak, lamb chops, couscous with lamb sausage, and mussels. Cassoulet was not a hit, nor was a chicken dish that was almost like a stew. I'm pretty sure the appetizers included a cheese assortment and a sausage sampler. We were the only people there from out of town and the only people in the place that were not known by the owner and staff - this is definitely a locals hangout. Wine list is very interesting and our server knew it all - we told her our tastes and a price range and got a terrific bottle (3 actually).
    I loved this place.

    1. There is virtually nothing open after 10:00 besides the bars. I think that FIG is the only one on your list that serves until 11:00. Pearlz has surprisingly good food and they serve food a little later. Both Moe's locations (Crosstown and Downtown serve until 11:00. Vickery's and Gene's both serve food until 1:00 I think. I know Mistral has live music often and may serve food later on those nights. There is a relatively new chineese restaurant next to Henry's on the market, but I don't think it is so good. There is also a little pizza place in the Rainbow Market that stays open late.

      If all else fails there is Alex's, Daves Seafood, and the Waffle House.

      1. Social Wine Bar on East Bay might work - - I didn't make it there, but walked by several times. Locals advise that the wine selection is excellent and they have the best pizzas in town - they've got a wood fired oven. I know you're a fan of West First pizza, so they might not match up. If you go, let me know so I'll put in on the list for the next visit.

        1. After 10PM downtown the only place we ever eat is Angelino's Pizza on Wentworth. It is a dive but excellent.

          As CharlestonChow stated, I don't know of anyone who serves after 10PM. T-Bonz maybe?