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Nov 27, 2007 06:09 AM

Best Eats in Geneva, NY?

I will be in Geneva, NY for some workshops (Artisanal Distilling and Hard Cider Production) at Cornell's Agr. Exp. Station from 12/2-12/7/2007 and would like to know what places have the best food? High end, low end, ethnic, etc. Thanks

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  1. The best the place to eat there is Emile's (
    The prime rib (seasoned and char grilled) there is the best I have ever had.

    While you are there you should try some of the juices at Red Jacket Orchards.

    Beyond that all of the other places (Sizzler, Pizza Hut) have medoicre food.

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      I have to say that Emile's was pretty good. Not the best prime rib, but very good and the largest cut I ever go.t A great value and good, hearty food.

    2. A few months ago we stayed in Geneva and really enjoyed the Madderlake Cafe on Rt. 14, a few miles south of town along the lake. Somewhat creative, local ingredient oriented with some good FL wines. We also noticed a newish ambitious-looking place on Seneca St. in the center of town called Halsey's which we would have tried were they open on Sundays. Any locals have anything to say about the latter?

      1. Good food is fairly hard to come by in Geneva. My brother lives there & has great things to say about Madderlake. He likes Ports Cafe also. I've been to neither but trust his opinion. If you're up for something unique, try Dano's Heuriger on Seneca. It's a Viennese concept...their site explains it ( The restaurant was newly-opened when we went & the service was a bit rough but I imagine things run smoothly now. It's actually in Lodi, about halfway down the east side of the lake, maybe 30-40 mins from Geneva. And their winter hours are limited, so I'm not sure it will work for you.

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          Wow...a blast from the past. I went to college in Geneva years ago. I don't remember any fine dining, but Cousins had the best buffalo chicken wings I've ever had!!

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            Agreed on Dano's - but getting to be some distance from Geneva.

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              We were at Dano's the day after Thanksgiving - it was excellent. It is a bit of a drive from Geneva but worth it IMHO.

            2. I went to Hobart (2001 graduate), now live in Manhattan and I think some of the food in Geneva is great. Cobblestone on 5 & 20 just past the colleges is fantastic, Parkers in town has some of my favorite bar food and Nonnis Tratoria has great red sauce itallian. Hamilton 258 was fantastic when I was there (not sure if it's still open).

              I'd avoid Belhurst Castle and Geneva on the Lake. If it's the first time you'll be near a Wegmans I highly suggest going in for a deli sandwich (I constantly crave them)

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                Parkers has some good bar food. Very good wings and excellent onion rings.

              2. I went to William Smith and have found some pretty decent places to eat through the years I went to school there and visiting since graduation. There used to be this place called "Just Cookies and Pies" that I don't believe is there anymore. It had the best sandwiches in history though. I also like the Crow's Nest, just outside of town. I brushed through Geneva last weekend and actually ended up taking my husband to Parkers. We had some pretty good food and this is a great place to have a nice draft beer (they have tons) and some good pub grub. A must for any Geneva stop is Cams Pizza with their homemade Blue Cheese Dressing. Fabulous. Still my favorite pizza in the world and I mean that. Maybe it's just the combination of taste and smell that transports be back to first year and ordering pizza in the dorms. Cobblestone is pretty good and is where we would take the parents during parent's weekend. Believe it or not. Wegmans has some pretty good sushi too!