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Nov 27, 2007 05:52 AM

anyone heard of new coffee roaster in Santa Cruz?

Apparently there is a new coffee roater / bar in Santa Cruz and they are pretty serious about coffee. Verve is their name. Anyone have any info on them?

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  1. Yes. They take their coffee very seriously. Acution lot coffees, latte art, and they roast right next door. I live down the street and go there regularly now. I would recommend checking them out.

    1. they are great! wish we lived in santa cruz. the around midnight, is a new household fav.

      1. I've been to Verve twice now and it's great! The owners and staff seem very passionate about what they are doing. I've tried their house Streetlevel blend, Indonesian Blue Batak Peaberry, and a new bean from Rwanda. I've only had them in french press form, and they were complex and void of any bitterness. I'll have to try some of their specialty drinks now. The space is hip and airy too.

        1. Verve is indeed one of the best roasters/shops in Central California. I was there this past weekend, and every time I head up to Santa Cruz I go there. (Coffee is a bit of an obsession). I was pleased to see a write-up from one of the local papers about their shop because they are due of the praise they have been receiving. Their staff is super friendly and takes their coffee seriously. Their Streetlevel espresso is some of the best I've had, and I've been pulling shots with it at home for the past couple of days. Amazing stuff. Expect great things from Verve. (Oh, and technically they're in Capitola - take the 41st street exit off Hwy 1, go towards the beach. It's at the corner of 41st and, I believe, Portola). Enjoy!