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Nov 27, 2007 05:44 AM

Kosher Luncheonette - downtown NY

Just posted on : Kosher Luncheonette opened at 56 Fulton St in Financial district.
Anyone been there yet?

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  1. I just stopped over there. Very Disappointing. If it is called a luncheonette, at a minimum it should have a counter or some tables to eat at. It turns out that this just a take-out window.

    1. The majority of their 'menu' is microwaved knishes. I went the other day to see what it was and wasn't in the mood for a soggy knish. So I asked for an egg and cheese on a roll but was curtly told that's only breakfast and breakfast hours were over. Great, Circa downtown is gone and this place isn't worth going to.

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        Is there any place in the FD like Diamond Dairy in the Diamond District?

        1. re: Dovid

          You mean dairy? Check Broadway Cafe (affectionately known as the "Dungeon" in earlier discussions). Its on B'way just south of John Street, below McDonalds.

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            I had in mind a meat or dairy luncheonette. A place that serves the old Askhkenaz soups, sandwiches and specialties. Something other than pizza and falafel.

            1. re: Dovid

              Essex on Coney at 17 Trinity Place across the street from Syms.

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                I agree the restaurant name is misleading, not to mention unimaginative. Nevertheless, I have eaten food from there several times and not had a bad experience yet. The falafel is fresh and tasty, and several in my office agreed it's much better than Pita express. The pizza knish and tomato-rice soup are also very good. Prices are also quite reasonable.

      2. I try to go there once per week. His falafel and soup are top notch. Soup and a kasha knish is perfect on a cold rainy day. Owner is very friendly. If you don't see what you like ask for it. I'ts nice to have a good kosher place to pick up a quick lunch. If you don't eat there you can't complain there is no place to get kosher food downdown.

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          His falafel is excellent, fresh and enjoyable. His borekas are quite tasty as well. The owner aims to please.