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Nov 27, 2007 04:23 AM

I still new kinda to Louisville and I want to find a place that does an amazing breakfast or brunch outside of Lynn's

I don't mind having to drive a little to get there also I want a place that I can go to on a sunday. It might just be me, but I find a lot of my favorite places to eat on sundays closed :( any advice I would be more than will to except!

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  1. I've heard that Mojito at Holiday Manor is stellar.

    The Fish House on Barrett at Winter has beignets (sp?) and other delicious brunch foods on Sunday.

    Toast on Main.

    The Galt House has a great brunch. Really.

    The Seelbach (of course) has great brunch.

    North End Cafe on Frankfort Ave. (Highly, highly recommended.)

    Wild Eggs in St Matthews.

    Check out

    Good luck!