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Emeril Canceled

It's official FN has canceled Emeril Live. Supposedly the Essence of Emeril is still going to be on.

Now it's just a matter of seeing what 'brilliant' new show they'll find to replace it.

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  1. No doubt they'll put another RR or Paula show on.

    Too bad. I thought Emeril wore thin after the first 10K episodes (LOL) but overall, he made cooking fun and a lot less scary for a lot of people. He gets a hard time on these boards but when it was first on, I always watched EL. Even went and saw it live when it was in TO.


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      No matter what you think of the schtick, Emeril deserves some serious props. Pro golfers used to say that for every $10 they earned, they should give $1 to Arnold Palmer, the man whose personality attracted the masses-- you could say the same thing about current celeb chefs. Away from the cameras Emeril has always seemed perpetually sleep-deprived-- wouldn't doubt that he's finally recognized (or been made to recognize) that it's time to stop hustling and enjoy his just desserts.

      1. re: Davwud

        "No doubt they'll put another RR or Paula show on".
        If they do, open the window on the 44th floor, 'cause I'm jumping out -!

      2. Get ready for the Sandra Lee/Guy Fieri POWER HOUR!

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          Sandra Lee will have to buy a second can opener.

            1. re: Withnail42

              One that comes with a cocktail pitcher too, color coordinated.

              1. re: Withnail42

                color coordinated? what,revlon platinum blonde #24?

          1. Yes, Essence of Emeril will continue production, which does more for Emeril than Emeril Live. I actually enjoy Essence whenever I happen to catch it. It show his culinary skills without all that hokeyness and distraction of Emeril Live.

            I once read that the Food Network was basically built on Emeril Live--the first breakthrough show for the FN that put it on the map. Both sides have been compensated enormously for this, I'm sure.

            I give Emeril props for the great charity work he does.

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            1. re: gloriousfood

              I agree. I've always preferred Essence of Emeril to Emeril Live which was never really that much of a cooking show (honestly, have you ever tried to follow a recipe from an EL episode?

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                <Yes, Essence of Emeril will continue production, > I believe Essence of Emeril has been only reruns for some long while now. FN intends to continue running those, but Emeril is done on TVFN...

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Not true:

                  "Unlike fellow celebrity chef Mario Batali's tie-severing split from the network earlier this year, leftovers—er, reruns—of Lagasse's show will continue to air. And despite ceasing production on the live show, he will continue to film new episodes of Essence of Emeril, his audience-free afternoon affair, 'for the foreseeable future.'"

                  -- E! Online:

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                    essence of emeril is really quite good. i'm happy new tapings will be shown. i might start watching fn again....

              2. I want to echo some of the other sentiments on the board that Emeril was certainly flawed, but he made fine dining and the appreciation of food a lot more approachable. I certainly eat a lot better because of him.

                1. I never minded the over-the-top-ness of Emeril Live (although it sometimes grated on my nerves) because I always believed Emeril had *genuine* passion (unlike Rachael Ray who always came across as phony to me). It was fun watching him cook a lot of tasty dishes, but I found the show and the recipes hard to follow. He did too much in the time allotted and everything just seemed to complicated.

                  Emeril seems like a good chef to me, and people who have met him say he's a nice guy. I watch "Essence" when I can and find the recipes easier to follow and have actually made a couple of them. I'm glad the show isn't going because I think it's a rare gem in a pile of FN crap.

                  Paula has gone way downhill. Guy seems to have cooking chops, but his recipes don't appeal to me at all. It all seems to be party food and high-fat fare. I don't mind Bobby Flay the way some people do, but I don't grill (live in an apartment), so his show is worthless to me. Don't even get me started on Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee. Are these folks all we're left with?

                  1. I believe Emeril is one of the culinary greats of this century. What he does for kids is far beyond what his show was. Take a look at www.emeril.org and see the looks on those kids faces. We should all give him the credit, where credit is due.

                    1. Bourdain stated it best when he said (and I paraphrase here): Food Network is to food as MTV is to music.

                      Nuff said.

                      1. Who will lead the cheers for garlic now?

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                          Garlic is bad-@ssed enough to not -need- the cheering! ^_-

                          In regards to Emeril, i'm happy for the guy. I kind of pity him, I bet he's had hundreds of people (okay, prolly thousands!) annoy him with the BAM stuff. He's a total cartoon-character on Emeril Live, and I could never get into him. The Essence show is allright, at least he's toned down and realistic.

                          I shudder to think what new show they will come up to replace him with, tho. I like Alton Brown quite a bit, but he's allready skating on the "overexposure ice" in my book.

                          1. Frankly, I kept wishing he would go back to saying "Bam!"
                            (really, I liked it)

                            1. What about Doc Gibbs and the rest of the band!?!? They're out of a gig too ;(

                              1. I didn't even know he was still making new episodes of Emeril Live. When FoodTV changed his time slot, I thought they were just reruns.

                                I hope Emeril is healthy. He didn't look right during the finale of the Next Food Network Star.

                                I could never understand Bourdain's disdain for Emeril considering that Bourdain probably doesn't even work in the kitchen anymore. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

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                                1. re: dave_c

                                  Bourdain has always stated publicly that he considers Emeril a great chef and respects him for what he has done in the culinary world, his beef was all this schtick that he does on TV.

                                  Maybe this is a chance for Rocco to resume his career.

                                  1. re: Phaedrus

                                    not rocco, pleeeeeze!

                                    btw, bourdain implies quite differently about emeril in "kitchen confidential/"

                                    1. re: alkapal

                                      Yes, but he has recanted some of what he said about Emeril recently. I do remember him calling Emeril a troll. Bourdain says so many things for effect, it gets misleading.

                                      1. re: Phaedrus

                                        well, maybe for effect, or maybe his (then) drug-fueled concepts....

                                2. I'm a little sad. I liked Emeril Live when I first saw it years ago (sure, it can get a bit grating after a few dozen eipsodes, but you can't deny he loves the food and feeding people), and I missed it when I moved to the UK. We have some terrible cooking shows over here.

                                  Just two nights ago I saw that there's some new network here--not a cooking channel, but more of a women's lifestyle-type thing--that's going to be showing Rachel Ray. After seeing her bashed beyond belief on Chowhound, I'll be interested to see what it's all about!

                                  1. HA! Good riddance! However, they have enough taped shows to rerun that we will always be plagued by him

                                    1. I think all cooking personalities have a limited shelf life. After all how many recipes does one person have in their repertoire? After a while s/he is just showing the audience other peoples recipes.

                                      I suspect Michael Symon will be groomed to be a replacement for Emeril he has a similar personality and enthusiasm.

                                      1. The Big E was great. Jfood really liked watching him in the early years and every now and then when jfood gets nostalgic, he turns him on for a little "BAM!!!"

                                        Jfood liked watching him cook but enjoyed the crowd more. How did they find 100 people who give a standing ovation like they are witnessing Yo Yo Mah when he says "Add about 20 cloves of gah-lic!!!" All jfood could do was smile.

                                        And his show at the Chocago Pier was a classic. Cooking in 40-mile an hour winds, priceless.

                                        So jfood thanks "E" for some great memories. Hopefully they replace with another chef instead on the TV version of Foodopoly. Wanna trade Bouley for Aureole?

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                                          How about "Dancing with the Chefs" or "American Cook Idol"? Might as well, it looks like FN is going that way!

                                          1. re: aurora50

                                            Or how about we throw Food Network USA in the dustbin and they start airing Food Network Canada down here instead. Their line-up looks MUCH better than what we are being offered.

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                                              Maybe Chef Ramsay can stop by for Emeril's last show and conduct a Swearing Out Ceremony.

                                              1. re: aurora50

                                                I always hoped they'd do "Network Makeover" for FN


                                            2. He had a good run.

                                              I did not like his Emeril Live Show at all, so that will not be missed.

                                              If he keeps the Essence of Emeril show going, I sometimes can watch that without being forced to change the channel to quickly.

                                              Either way not earth shattering news that will affect my life or cooking.

                                              1. While I may not have always approved of Emeril's shtick, I will be sad to see him go. As others have mentioned, his charity work alone is remarkable. He does seem to have put on weight and look dragged, do hope he is well. Remember watching him in like 1995 when he was the original host of How to Boil Water. Young culinary superstars can thank Emeril for the high visibility he has brought to the culinary talents. UI will always remember the joy his BAM brought to my ailing father as he watched his programs. He could no longer eat, but he watched Emeril with glee and approved of the tasty food he prepared.

                                                Agree with all the others on the dreck FN is turning out. So, what can we as CHs, a vocal food loving and food tv watching group do? We have strength in the power of many people. Is it possible that FN execs don't secretly monitor this site and just don't care?? Is there an electronic petition we can create to signify our distate and distrust in their recent programming moves? There must be SOMETHING we can do??? Suggestions??

                                                1. Wow. I had to put in a good word for Emeril. I love his show. I actually wanted to hate it when I first started watching but he really won me over. I learned so much about cooking from him. Its great watching cooking shows where they talk about adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that for half an hour but its nice to see someone bring some personality and fun to it once in a while. He is like the Dave Letterman or Conan O'brien of cooking IMHO.

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                                                  1. re: bozeaux

                                                    My comments from the CH blog:
                                                    What will be interesting is to see what his historical legacy will be considered. Will it be as a talented, knowledgeable, generous accomplished chef/restauranteur, supporter of local producers? Who then sold out to become a cartoonish TV buffoon? Someone who turned on people (especially men and kids) to cooking where they would not have? Someone considered to have sloppy technique, lack of proportion and subtlety in his cooking (more garlic!!)? Where more is better? Or who presence, books, ideas, restaurants elevated the average person's interest/knowledge of food & wine in this country? Or who dumbed-down the foundations of culinary principles? Or all of the above? Love him or hate him, he certainly had an influence on the American food scene.

                                                    1. re: markabauman

                                                      He's not dead, you know ;)

                                                      In fact, he isn't even off the air ... Essence of Emeril is still doing new eps.

                                                      1. re: maxzook

                                                        BAM! Oh well, I actually preferred some of his non-audiance shows as you get to learn more about what he's doing.


                                                    2. re: bozeaux

                                                      I wonder if FN cancelled Emeril, or did Emeril cancel FN? I mean it's not like he needs the money anymore. And I agree at the finale of this last Next Food TV Star he did look like he had put on weight. I love Emeril Live but I don't like Essence, weird huh? Anyway he's a wonderful chef, a wonderful man, and supports a ton various charities. I wish him well.

                                                    3. These posts remind me of the phenomenon when someone gets consistantly slagged, dies, and then the very nice obituaries ensue. I come not to praise Emeril, but to bury him. I think that he is to blame for the dumbing-down cascade on FN.

                                                      On a related note, I'm not certain whether I should be happy or worried that FN Canada is better. At least we still get David Lieberman. I think that he should be required viewing for the novice cook, and for students on a budget.

                                                      Is Anthony Sedlak appearing on the American network?

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                                                      1. re: hungry_pangolin

                                                        Emeril is not responsible for the dumbing down of FN. It's the head honcho's at FN that are responsible. They decided a long time ago that there was more money pandering to the lowest common denominator than to food enthusiasts.

                                                        It's not Emeril's fault that his show/shtick struck a chord with people.


                                                        1. re: Davwud

                                                          Yes, Emeril's schtick appealed to the lowest common denominator, but the food (generally speaking) never got dumbed down. Live is a bit carnivalesque, but Essence is and always has been real cooking. "Dumbed down" would be store-bought ingredients, bad technique... aw, you know where this is going.

                                                          1. re: alias wade

                                                            best wishes to emeril, a thoroughly decent, generous man and talented chef -- except for pasta! ;-)

                                                        2. re: hungry_pangolin

                                                          Let's be honest--though the live show does have schtick, there is some actual cooking going on, far more than what's on most of the other FN shows nowadays.

                                                          1. re: Shayna Madel

                                                            What gets me is people who complain about the lack of info and technique yet they love Iron Chef NFNS.


                                                            1. re: Davwud

                                                              Sorry... NFNS? I'm not putting it together.

                                                              My comment above re: Emeril's responsibility: I think that it was the great ratings that Emeril Live got that convinced the brass at FN that that was the way to go. That audience of seals, incessant BAMming, in-house band, etc., none of which had the slightest thing to do with food, convinced the brass that they could ignore the steak, and present the sizzle. That was my point.

                                                            2. re: Shayna Madel

                                                              I like Emeril's comment about cooking, "It's not rocket science."
                                                              I know newbie homecooks that freak out when they don't have everything exactly per the recipe.

                                                              1. re: dave_c

                                                                It was because of him that I started trying recipes that I had perceived beyond my ability. I didn't much follow recipes before and would more or less just "Whip up" something or tinker with something premade.
                                                                After watching EL and thinking, "That looks great" I decided to try my hand at some stuff. I found that it was both easier than I thought and a lot more educational because I was forced to do some thing properly and because of that my skills improved. I then married the "Whip up" skill to it and now, if I don't have something I need, I can improvise with no trouble. Sometimes to great success. Other times, not so much.


                                                                1. re: Davwud

                                                                  Great Job!

                                                                  Exactly my point. Some people hate Emeril's schtick, but I believe Emeril encouraged more people to cook, try something different and enjoy food by making it entertaining and demystifying the process.

                                                                  I was encouraged to cook by watching Juila Childs, Jeff Smith, Martin Yan and Jacques Pepin.

                                                                  1. re: dave_c

                                                                    Martin Yan aside, Childs, Smith, Pepin didn't have the dog and pony show that Emeril has conducted over the years. I think that my problem is that C/S/P all were able to demystify food without the hooplah, whereas Emeril, to my mind, drew attention away from the food in favour of personality, excessive garlic (ooooohhh), and pointless pyrotechnics. That Emeril got you to cook in a real way is a good thing, so he's not destructive, in that regard. However, that said, C/S/P never claimed that it was rocket science, either.

                                                                    Honestly, I think that Emeril might know how to cook. I just think that Emeril Live did a diservice to Emeril himself and the craft, including within the home.

                                                            1. What I like about Emeril is that he was kind of "one of the guys" who cooked. A very normal guy. I have stopped watching his prime time slot long ago, but I always check in during the holiday season to see what he's making.

                                                              1. Dec 10 issue of Newsweek -- just a blurb that doesn't offer any more info, but offers their theory about RR: http://www.newsweek.com/id/73375

                                                                1. The problem with Chowhounders is the fact that most of them know how to cook. Shows like Emeril and most of the cooking shows on FN are aimed at the housewife who sits at home and trys to come up with new innovative meals to fix her husband and 2.5 children. I've been cooking for many years, but I always learned somthing from Emeril. I'll miss him. I hope that the young people just starting out will have someone to learn from. God bless Julia and Emeril.

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                                                                  1. re: othervoice

                                                                    Well Alton is still there and there are still great shows on PBS as well.


                                                                  2. Well Hold on to your hats Emeril fans. He was on GMA this morning and will be announcing his new show soon, it is as of yet, unnamed.