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Nov 27, 2007 02:56 AM

I have to log in twice

I log into chowhound and I see "Hey, Linda513" in the top right corner. Then I want to look at the new posts in the threads that I have posted to. They have the word new next to them. When I click on the thread I see all of the posts, not just the new ones. Also when I click on the the thread I am now not logged in anymore and I have to log in again. I see "Hey Linda513" again and now I can see the threads with their new posts displayed. Why the double log in procedure?

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  1. The site used to log everyone on to both sides of and automatically. Currently, there's a bug in that function which means you're only getting logged into whichever domain you start with. I've raised a ticket with Engineering to have them take a look.

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