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Jun 4, 2006 01:20 PM

Best Thai Food in East Bay?

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Albany/Berkeley area?

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  1. My favorite so far is Ruen Pair on San Pablo Ave. (Albany). I like it more than the few I've tried on Solano. I had a decent lunch at Sabuy Sabuy II a couple weeks ago (San Pablo in Berkeley, north of Gilman) - but just one meal so hard to tell consistency. Sweet Basil on Solano will give you a decent, albeit nothing to write home about, meal. I don't recall the names of the other places I've been to. Thep Naree had a small kitchen fire and is temporarily closed. I don't recall if I ate there quite some time ago but have been meaning to try it.

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      An update to the prior post of earlier today - walking by Thep Naree this evening, it has reopened.

    2. I LOVE soi 4 - It's on college ave more in the Oakland side and it's a fairly nice restaurant with pretty modern decor. They also do good take out although I'm not sure too many people are aware you're able to order to go!
      If you're looking for something cheaper/ more relaxed just farther down on college near the rockridge bart station is Pearl of Siam which I also like.