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Nov 26, 2007 10:16 PM

Adventurous dinner in DC??

I need to find a fun restaurant in DC for adventurous foodies. We've been to minibar and loved it! Anything new to try??

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  1. Well Minibar is really one of a kind and what I would have suggested. Not sure if its adventurous as much as inventive and creative but how about Citronelle or Komi?

    1. Minibar is probably as adventurous as it gets here in DC. We loved our experience there. Zaytinyah was very good and had some interesting things on the menu, stuffed squash blossoms, beef tartare, etc... What about a tapas restaurant like Jaleo or Taberna del Alabardero?

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        zaytinya looks fun! i love jaleo. we'll have to check out taberna del alabardero

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          Taberna del Alabardero is AMAZING! And you can also stop in before 7pm on week days for their great happy hour special if you are on a budget. All tapas and sangria are 1/2 off.

      2. I am not sure what you mean by adventurous, but I like to seek out different ethnic restaurants and try things on the menu that look interesting. One thing about DC, there are lots and lots of different ethnic restaurants.

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          I imagine Ethiopian would be some pretty adventurous ethnic cuisine. Also you can check out Ghana Cafe in Adams Morgan for some African cuisine...not Minibar but certainly different.

        2. if you have a very large budget you might want to try CityZen. I haven't been yet but the menu totally reminds me of minibar.
          don't know if you would call it adventurous but an old fave is Lebanese Taverna on Conn in Woodley park. their pita bread is the BEST EVER!
          There are a couple new Belgian places; i was looking at the menu for Brasserie Beck and it looked good?

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            Thanks! I'll have to look in CityZen. Budget does not matter.

            Brasserie Beck is amazing! Try the mussel appetizer and the skate wing! yumm