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Nov 26, 2007 10:10 PM

Rivoli, recently

I haven't been in ages and will be there tomorrow. The online menu didn't exactly have any standouts for me, although some (or many) of them may be excellent. I'd appreciate to hear of any recent hits/misses. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, no help here but I've been thinking of going this week because the cassout looked good ...

    Rivoli cassoulet with liberty duck leg confit, smoked lamb loin and house made chicken sausage with runner beans, tomato, thyme, garlic and toasted breadcrumbs

    Anyone tried that?

      1. re: rworange

        I had a soup that was very good (I don't recall specifically what it was, but it wasn't from the online menu) and the blue nose sea bass, which was very good. The hosts ordered a bunch of apps for the table which were passed around, but I wasn't able to enjoy those properly. My dessert was very good, an applesomething with ice cream. Sorry, I forgot to post a couple weeks ago, so my memory is already failing.

        1. re: rworange

          i went back in september. had their duck and it was great. a crispy shell with moist, tender meat that was well seasoned. we also had gnocchi and portabella fritters as starters and they were both delicious. i'm pretty picky about gnocchi as i had a friend that made the most delicious, light and fluffy gnocchi from scratch and Rivoli's were quite good. the only thing on the current menu that i had is the portabella fritters.

        2. In general, I've found rivoli's menus to be like that. Nothing really stands out when I read the menu, but then everything I order is done perfectly, the food sparkles....