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Top Ten List of Restaurants in Seattle...

Please add your top ten list of restaurant in Seattle... and why those restaurants... It could be Expensive, medium, fast food, etc.

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  1. since you say "fast food" (and judging from your earlier posts about looking for inexpensive Italian, Chinese, gyros, cheesesteak sandwiches, hot dogs etc), one can't help but wonder whether you are really serious about eating at a top ten restaurant (which tend to be on the more expensive side)...? Most of the entries on people's top ten lists could be out of your true target price range. Perhaps you can specify an upper limit on price?

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      Perhaps you can be less of a snob? Price should have nothing to do with it. My entry is the Swedish Cultural Center, for providing a breakfast experience like no other in Seattle. Otherwise: Crush, Union, Crave, Mistral, Monsoon, Palace Kitchen, Elemental, Lark, Dahlia, blah blah blah.

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        Price has everything to do with it-- Ten Best Fine Dining is a totally different list than Ten Best Casual Dining. i think all of the restaurants you name (except possibly Crave and Monsoon) would be out of the o.p.'s target price range, based on his earlier posts http://www.chowhound.com/topics/460414
        http://www.chowhound.com/topics/441487 ("I am looking for traditional NY food, If i could get there by subway i will be there...
        , where he specified inexpensive, fast food etc. that's why i asked for clarification. does he really want to spend $50 pp at Crush, or $200 at Mistral? i have nothing against a good hot dog or gyros or chicken wings (like at Fu Lin), or cheap Chinese food, but if that is what the o.p. is looking for, he should clarify, so that people don't waste their time and his time listing a bunch of places that are not helpful for him.

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          "Price has everything to do with it-- Ten Best Fine Dining is a totally different list than Ten Best Casual Dining"

          That's true, but the ten best restaurants is *not* price specific. I would easily put Paseo and Green Leaf on a Ten Best list for Seattle, right along side some mid range price and some pricey restaurants.

          In fact, looking at the *question* and not looking at previous posts, he outright said it can be anything, expensive or fast food.

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            IT can be anything... Casual, fine or fast... I just want to hear your opinions to make my decision. I am going to take one or two fine dining in my trip and also casual or fast if I am in a hurry :)

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          I am taking notes... :))) Thank you for many good places to eat...

        1. Cafe Juanita -- definitely #1
          Ray's Boathouse
          Restaurant Zoe
          Il Terrazo Carmine
          Place Pigalle
          Matt's in the Market
          India Bistro

          1. Again lets clarify this thread, please post your Top Ten restaurants in Seattle, it could be Fine food, comfort food or fast food, just add what restaurants you like.

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              Le Pichet, Cafe Campagne, Palace Kitchen, Crow, La Carta, El Camino, Tutta Bella, Restaurant Zoe, Paseo, Santa Fe Cafe.

            2. Shun
              Jack's Chinese
              Meskel Ethiopian
              Shanghai Garden
              University Way Korean
              The Hi-Life
              7 Stars Peppers
              Dahlak Eritrean
              Siam (the one on broadway, not the Lake Union one)

              Now, to add to the above discussion, I don't have anywhere near the money to go to the more expensive places, so this is my version. My top ten. The ones I take my visitors from out of town. Everyone else can have their Harvest Vines, their Crushes, what not. These are my top ten.

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                Thank you very much for your options i read some menus and they look excelent...

                Again Thanks. :),

              2. Not in any particular order, I love:

                Paseo, Rain (sushi), Kwanjai Thai, Serafina, Umi Sake House ... that's all I can think of right now!

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