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Nov 26, 2007 07:51 PM

Dining Report - Silverdale/Bremerton

I think there was a query earlier about Asian food in Silverdale. The night after Thanksgiving, we had dinner at Bahn Thai on MIckelberry and found it to be delicious. We ordered one of the combo dinners (which we don't usually do) and it inlcuded Pad Thai. Pra Rahm Gai and garlic pork along with a hot and sour soup and spring rolls. We added a Thai beer.

The following eveing we went to Anthony's at the Ferry dock. This restaurant has taken a beating on this board, mostly for the decor but we thought the food was excellent. We had several different salads between us and they were very good. Between us we had Hawaiian tuna (Aio?), Halibut cheeks and oysters. All were very good. Dessert was also quite nice and the service provided by a Navy wife was excellent. (We know this because we had a nice conversation afterwards.)

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  1. The Anthony's in Gig Harbor is way better! We had shells throughout our Crab salad in Bremerton. Once we had a to go order, the portions were terrible and not worth the price. I will never go back, too bad because it is in a nice location overlooking the water.