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Nov 26, 2007 07:19 PM

Breakfast w/ good coffee in Sunnyvale area?

Here' the dilemma: My husband and I like to go to breakfast on the weekends but we cannot find restaurants with good coffee. We have tried to eat at coffee shops but I am not fond of the empty calories of eating a pastry so we decided to eat a more savory breakfast (i.e. eggs etc.). The places we have tried: Country Gourmet (misses on the coffee), Palace Cafe (misses on the coffee), Cafe Brioche (misses on the coffee), Bean Cafe (ok on both, but not great at either). Our current solution: buy coffee at Peets in Palo Alto and walk to Whole Foods (misses on the food). Isn't there a perfect combination? Help!

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  1. I don't know about the food, but one of the three best coffee houses in No.california, Barefoot Roasters is on Stevens Creek just down from Lawrence expressway.

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      Chipman, where are the other 2 best coffee houses in No. Calif?

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        Blue Bottle in San Francisco has a Kiosk on Lindon Alley near Gough and Hayes and a cart at the Ferry Building and Ritual Coffee Roasters on 22nd and Valencia are the other two I was referring to. There are a couple of places in San Jose which are good but don't roast their own beans.

        By the way, Blue Bottle is opening their first regular walk in, sit down coffee house in the new Mint shopping mall.

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        Barefoot ranks #1 with me, too, but there are no good breakfast places around there.

      3. Good question!

        If you're willing to come to palo alto, have you tried Cafe Baronne in Menlo Park?

        Although the menu's limited, I fully enjoy the food. Ate dinner there just tonight, in fact.

        And what about University Cafe on University?

        As to the quality of the coffee, I can't exactly say. I prefer espresso in general, and have gotten so spoiled that I only drink coffee at work. We've got a weekly subscription with Blue Bottle, and a well-tuned espresso machine. Just about everything tastes like dreck now, and I know I used to find Peet's edible. I threw away a mocha from Peet's after one sip last week. I'm almost afraid to go back to my favorite places.

        I have no idea why restaurants don't make good coffee. It would seem a pleasant niche - especially a place like Brioche, where the food is quite good. My best guess is if pre-brewed, the coffee sits around too much.

        On coffee matters, I'm no longer trustworthy.

        [And, yes, the roaster from Blue Bottle who came over to show me around the espresso machine mentioned Barefoot as a source. They are supposed to be *very* good.]

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          Sorry I am not a coffee drinker but I do love Cafe Baronne's little blueberry muffin/scone hybrid! Hopefully, sitting on the pretty patio watching people will make you forget if the coffee is good or great:-) That was a recent discovery. BTW, do they still have tiramisu? I recall enjoying them many, many years ago.

          Also, there's Coupa Cafe in Palo Alto. They offer "gourmet Venezuelan coffee" but this time, I can't vouch for coffee or food. Went there once after dinner & had a little dessert with my tea.

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            lso in palo alto, fraiche yogurt offers freshly churned yogurt with toppings and irish oatmeal along with their blue bottle coffee in the am. not a complete breakfast but quite nice nonetheless!

          2. re: bbulkow

            Their (Borrone's) drip coffee is not very good, not strong enough and is bitter. I really like the food there, so I wish they had better coffee. Oh well.

          3. Have you tried Sugar Butter Flour in Sunnyvale? I heard they're doing Sunday brunch now and they also serve coffee, expresso, etc. even thought their website only lists their dessert line. There isn't a huge sitting area and the menu isn't too extensive...knew someone who went recently and enjoyed it. You can always call for more information (408-732-8597). If nothing else they have great desserts...yum!

            1. advice from bbulkow is good.

              1. The original comment has been removed