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Nov 26, 2007 06:57 PM

Japanese Seafood Nabe - Please help!!!

I've been asked to cook a variation on Chiri-nabe using scallops, salmon fillets and shrimp. The only recipe I have wants the broth to have been flavored only with a piece of konbu. Does this seem strange to anyone? Wouldn't it at least require a light dashi? I've already got the ponzu and dipping ingredients down, it's just the broth configuration that is bothering seafood in plain water just seems really unappealing to me...Any suggestions on broth variations would be great. Thanks!!! ^_^

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  1. I, too, would be tempted to use a light dashi, but it's possible that with just the kombu, the rest of your ingredients will sufficiently flavor the broth...especially if you're using unpeeled shrimp. Lots o' flavor in those shells!

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      In my books I find nabes that use just the konbu, others that use dashi and additional soy sauce. The ones that use the plain liquid make more use of the dipping sauces (yose-nabe leans in this direction), while ones with saltier broth are eaten more like soups (e.g. oden).

      By the end of the cooking the plain broth will have picked up flavors from the ingredients, and may be consumed as well.


      1. re: paulj

        Thank you! Perhaps when it comes down to it, it ends up being a matter of individual tastes! ^_^ I might try cooking it all in a light dashi next time I try it!