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Nov 26, 2007 06:42 PM

Rehearsal dinner spots in Portland

Any suggestions for somewhere to host a rehearsal dinner in or around Portland? Any neighborhood will do. There will be approximately 50-70 guests, so nothing *too* expensive. We're pretty open to any cuisine except for chain-y American. A restaurant with an open floor plan would also be nice. Where did you have yours?

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  1. We did ours (13 years ago...) at the Rheinlander. Probably about the same headcount as you, and we got one of their private dining rooms in the back for the occasion. German feast served family style.

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      Funny! That's one of the few places that's come up so far. Seems like a great location for an event like this. Thanks!

    2. Not quite sure how many their back private room holds, but if it is big enough, Karam might be a good choice.

      Wong's King might be a good choice, depending what night you are looking at:

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        Thanks, JillO. Both of those look like pretty good ideas. Chinese might be a good idea for this many people. Any other Chinese places in town equipped for large parties?

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          There are, but I haven't had food decent enough to recommend them. Wong's King is as good as it gets around here.

          Simpatica, a catering outfit that does dinners and brunch on the weekends, might be a good idea too, depending on when you need to schedule this:

      2. You might like the Stockpot in Beaverton. They have a great room called the Club Room that can handle up to 90 and they do great food either buffett style (best for the money) or a plated sit down dinner. Great location on hte RedTail golf coarse and lots of parking, they are close to Washington Square and easy on and off 217 access.

        Big Mike