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Nov 26, 2007 05:37 PM

Pluckemin Inn - FANTASTIC! [moved from Tristate board]

I went to the Pluckemin Inn this weekend for the first time. It was truly a fantastic restaurant and was probably one of the best meals that I have had. There were six of us celebrating my mom's birthday and I had made the reservation way in advance. We had 8 pm reservations and when we got there, the hostess told us that it would be a few minutes for our table. A few minutes turned into almost 20, and I was definitely starting to get a bit aggravated . Finally, they got to us, and ended up seating us in their private room downstairs. It was fabulous and well worth the wait! The wine list was very extensive, and they had a lot of great choices. For dinner, I had the fennel salad, followed by the miso black cod. My friend, who is a major foodie, had the tuna sashimi, which he claims was the best hes ever had, as well as the roasted chicken. My mom also had the fennel salad and the salmon. The desserts were AMAZING. We had the belgian waffles, the butternut squash panna cotta, and the chocolate plate. The chocolate plate was by far the best of the desserts. It was amazing! The service was also phenomenal. It was an overall great dining experience and I would absolutely go back again! Even my friend, who is a huge foodie and has eaten at some of the best restaurants in the world said it was quite possibly one of the best meals hes ever had!

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  1. Excuse me, but share the wealth...where is this restuarant exactly...

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    1. Their head bartender, Tad Carducci (former assistant cellar master at Windows on the World) is an award winning mixologist. He makes some incredible cocktails.

      1. I'll second this review. My wife and I and another couple went there for dinner last December, and we really had a fantastic meal and nice experience. The wait staff really knew their menu well, and the waiter sent over one of the sommeliers to help when he wasn't 100% sure about a wine pairing. The ambience there is inviting and warm -- great for a holiday meal. Since it's been a year I don't remember what we all had, but I *do* remember enjoying the "timeline of chocolate" dessert. My wife had a sampling of interesting homemade ice creams, which were also great. She and I went back there for lunch in the spring and had a very pleasant meal in the bar area (which is also a great-looking room). The only caveat is that it *is* rather pricey -- definitely a special occasion or once in a while kind of place.

        1. I found this place two months ago and I have since been back twice. Excellent in all areas. service, wine, food . They have it all down.

          1. The original comment has been removed