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Nov 26, 2007 05:32 PM

Help! Four days on the company dime.

I'll be spending four days at a seminar at the Roosevelt (45th/Madison) next week. I've never been to NYC before and plan to arrive with an empty belly and my company charge card! I'd like to try sushi, seafood, french and steak.

Sushi Zen or Sushi Ann?
Oyster Bar or Oceana?
Maze or Cafe Boulud?
Keen's or Bull and Bear or BLT Steak or Frankie & Johnnie's

I will be alone so it has to be a place that is solo-diner friendly. Also I'd rather not have to make reservations but don't mind eating when they open (5:30-6:00).

Any other suggestions are welcome!

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  1. sushi yasuda
    shaffer city
    peasant (rustic italian is good)

    1. Yasuda
      Le Bernardin (at the bar)
      Daniel / Jean Georges (at the bar)

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      1. re: zen123

        I second Zen123's choices but also suggest for the fun of it, and strictly Noo Yawk, Pearl's Oyster Bar for a reknowned lobster roll.

        1. re: idia

          Very fine choice, though I think strictly in terms of the lobster roll itself, the difference between Pearl's, Ed's and Mary's is overstated.

      2. Thanks all for the suggestions so far. I forgot to mention that my budget is $50-$75 food only.

        1. The original comment has been removed