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Nov 26, 2007 05:18 PM

Truffle Dishes?

Anyone had a great meal with truffles in Austin? I want to introduce them to someone who has never tasted them - and want their first experience to be a good one. Preferably not something that just has truffle oil poured on it. Maybe a risotto, or pasta? I didn't see anything on the menu at Vespaio. Thoughts?

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  1. Wink has truffled Mac and Cheese on their discounted Happy Hour menu.

    1. Several weeks ago I had a butternut squash risotto with black truffles at Siena (360 @ 2222) as my primi piatti...It was outstanding. Well executed risotto with the astounding flavor of truffles shining through. Risotto is an excellent venue for sampling truffles, as it presents a relatively clean palette for the truffle flavor.

      1. Had the truffle mac n'cheese at Roy's awhile back (comes as a side with the beef duo.) The truffle flavor was very strong, definitely a "punch you in the face with truffles" type of strong.. It was fine in context of the meal but I think with more delicate flavors it would have been a bit much. The cheese was more of a soupy sauce than what one would expect.. As I was eating it, the waiter came over to ask if I liked it, as it was apparently the first time that particular staff member had made it.

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          I was at Vespaio last night and they had two dishes with truffles in it on their nightly special menu. One had free range chicken with one of the side dishes having black truffles in it which I ordered. The other was their veggie trio dish which has a truffle risotto as one of the options.
          My dish was very good but the most outstanding thing for me was the crispy polenta that they served with my pancetta salad. I swiped the marrow from my friend's meat mixed grill and smeared it on my polenta and it was divine.

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            Everything you just mentioned sounds so good. I think it's time for another trip to Vespaio even if they don't have truffles as specials. Stealing marrow is a serious offence!

            That said, I think Bababooey is right about a risotto being the way to go. Anyone know anywhere delicious that has truffle risotto on their winter daily menu?

        2. Asti has the Truffle oil pizza that is always on the menu