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Nov 26, 2007 05:09 PM

STL - Where can I find good variety of great italian meats/cold cuts?

I am imagining somewhere on the Hill but also looking for other suggestions. Having a "make an italian sandwich" party and need lots of variety.


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  1. Viviano's is a like an Italian food wonderland. The website, for some reason, fails to mention that they have branches in Fenton and on Olive near 141, in addition to the Shaw Ave location.

    1. DiGregorio's is another good Hill option.

      Digregorio's Italian Foods
      5200 Daggett Ave, St Louis, MO

      1. Viviano's seems to sell almost exclusively Volpi products. That said, you might as well go there.

        I'd go to the Wine and Cheese Place or the Wine Merchant also. They both sell excellent salumis.

        1. The other replies provide secondary options, but for the best selection of Italian meats in town, I really think you need to go to Volpi's, 5250 Daggett.

          Many salamis, prosciutto, bresaola, mortadella, coppa, capocolla. Olive salad so you can make muffaletta if you want (I'm pretty sure Central Grocery in New Orleans still sources some of its meat from Volpi's.) Raw sausage, too, if you want it -- and the prices are quite good!