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Nov 26, 2007 04:59 PM


Who has the best hamantaschen in Philly? I especially like the ones made with poppy seeds. Should I try Kaplan's at 3rd and Poplar, or maybe Termini's has them?

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  1. Neither. Irene's Bakery in the Northeast, they used to have a branch in the Rittenhouse area, has the best. Perhaps Whole Foods which carries Irene's products will have them or you can try Wegman's. I go to the one in Cherry Hill because it is close toCenter City but there are other ones.

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      Swiss Pastry has SUPER Hamantaschen. fresh baked and a variety of flavors!! even some w/ poppy! Just RE-Opened!! with new equipment from what i hear!!

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        What is their crust/dough like?

        My preference is for a chewier, softer, and richer texture and taste.

        The version I had from Roling's bakery in Elkins Park was one that was more of a cookie batter - it had the taste of eggs and butter but was more on the dry and crisp side when bitten into. Their filling had a clean taste, not too sweet.

        My preference is for a thicker dough, with a strong taste of egg, butter, and milk (or something similar) and to be more on the moist side, unlike what I had from Roling's. . I prefer my hamentaschen to be more challenging to bite into than a "tea cake" and to be more than something resembling a cookie with a fruit-fillied center.

        It's subjective, of course. I think bakeries should offer various types of hamenstaschen for different personalities!!

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      1. Swiss Pastry Shop had [what looked like] them when I stopped in yesterday. I can't attest to the taste, but I like most of the cookies there.

        1. Try a bakery in the Northeast or Port Richmond. My mom used to get hers somewhere up there.

          1. I love the Famous 4th St Deli's. I don't remember them having poppy seeds, but they're quite scrumptious nonetheless.

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              they do have good ones, pretty sure they have mun (poppy), and good large chocolate rugelach too!