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Nov 26, 2007 04:54 PM

Celebratory Place in SE PA

My BF and I are going to be celebrating our 60th birthdays and 20th anniversary in Feb. We are looking for a place where we can have an excellent dinner and spend the night. We like food that is well done but not pretentious. Locations in Delaware are also of interest. Does anyone know if the Yellow Springs Inn is still good?

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  1. I would suggest the Inn at Phillips Mill in New Hope. Lovely B&B with an excellent BYOB restaurant complete with fireplace. Very good food, romantic and cozy, see New Hope before or after dinner and then retire to a lovely room. A great way to spend a birthday/anniversary in my book.

    1. Last time I was at the Inn at Yellow Springs -- a few years ago -- it was dark and dank and musty smelling, and that's why I haven't been back since. Although I've never seen the rooms at the Inn at Phillips Mill, I would certainly recommend their restaurant. If you're thinking about Chester County, I'd recommend the Dilworthtown Inn for dining and the Whitewing Farm B&B for lodging.

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        I third the Inn at Phillips Mill. Very nice.

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          I would not recommend Dilworthtown, I've only been there once but it was pretty bad and pretty expensive. The Blue Pear next door is better, but the atmosphere is probably not nice enough for this occasion.

        2. I recommend Joseph Ambler Inn in North Wales...

          There are package deals that include dinner, a room and breakfast. The rooms are in various historic buildings and are absolutely gorgeous. The John Roberts House offers more modern rooms, and all of them have a jacuzzi or spa. The Farmhouse has these great historic rooms, that are all unique unto themselves.

          Here is the website:

          1. I would definitely look into Crazy Cat's at the Inn at Montchanin Village. Great restaurant, not stuffy but perfect for special occassions. And, the Inn is beautiful, a top 100 Small Inn/Hotel in the U.S. by Conde Nast I believe. It's also been on the travel channel.

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              Oh... Krazy Kat's, of course -- I never think of that place, maybe because my usual travels take me close but not right by it. The setting is lovely, it's gotten rave reviews, the restaurant is so uniquely decorated, and the food is quite good. I'm so glad you mentioned it keby, I haven't been there in a while, and it's time to make a reservation.

            2. My recommendation would be for a night at a B&B in Kennet Square near Longwood Gardens, and a dinner at Sovana Bistro, a wonderful BYOB that I recently discovered and which has become my go-to place for celebration dinners.