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Nov 26, 2007 03:13 PM

Vintner Grill from the strip?

I've trolled recent discussions in search of the perfect spot for a birthday dinner in Vegas next month. Previous celebrations during this annual visit have included Prime, Okada, Bradley Ogden, Daniel Boulud. Vintner Grill looks intriguing, but we're staying on the Strip with no car -- is it so good to be worth the cab trip to trek that far? We're a little burned out on the really expensive meals that don't live up to the price paid (I'd put DB, Aureole and B&B in that category). Okada, on the other hand, was very expensive (we chose the multicourse menu, plus wine/sake accompaniments) but worth every penny.

Thanks for any insights.

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  1. I ate at VG about 2 weeks ago....Rosemary's is closer - both are good....i have to give Rosemary's the nod. just as far ( my guess ) is Todd's Unique ( in Henderson ) - also worth a try...have you tried Fleur De Lys ...i consider it to be much, much better than Aureole and Mix ( i still cannot believe mix was given a star by michelin ! yeah...i know...a famous french what ! ) ...other local restaurants ...old school - andre's and pamplemousse....both french. maybe craft or strip steak...i haven't been to nob hill in a few years...might be worthwhile...i was at michael mina's a few weeks ago - just stopped by to see a few friends that were eating there ( long story ) tasted their entire meal - i used to be a huge fan of the tower - potato cake, spinach, seared ahi tuna, foie gras, morel's w/ pinot reduction...a huge disappointment ! the dessert was decent. happy eating !!

    1. If you are going to take the taxi trip I think Rosemary's is by far the better choice although Vitner's is good. On the strip -- I love Craft -- very simple and straight forward food but always solid. Nob hill has always been one of my faves but i havent been there in awhile. I love Sensi at the Bellagio and Bouchon at the Venetian -- they aren't as uppity as some of the ones you mention on top, a lil more casual -- still pricey but has always been worth it.

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        What do you like at Sensi? Just curious. We are going there Tuesday (dinner) for the first time, and for some reason it doesn't get discussed in specifics here.

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          Thanks for the advice. We've been to Rosemary's, enjoyed it, so if it's better than Vintner's we'll probably pass on making the trip to VG. My eyes (and stomach) were beginning to glaze over reviewing once again all the posts and comments, the web sites and menus -- so we've gone a completely different route: I've booked the birthday dinner at Hugo's Cellar. The antithesis of contemporary dining we'd been considering, though it sounds like an enchanting, old-school, step-back-in-time meal. Don't often get those any more. One such up here in the Puget Sound area is Harbor Lights in Tacoma, where they call everyone Honey and serve BIG martinis!