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Nov 26, 2007 02:34 PM

Shabu shabu in London?

Does anyone know where I can get a good shabu shabu (Japanese hotpot) in London?

Thanks for the help if you do know.

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  1. Good shout, I'm a huge fan of nabe (generic word for Japanese hotpot dishes) and it's definitely the right time of year with the temperatures plummeting.

    I haven't actually tried the shabu shabu at either place but I think that you may do well at either of Kiku or Mitsukoshi.

    I'll keep my eyes peeled for other places, there may be some options at a lower price point.

    1. get in there quick - there's a special offer on at Mitsukoshi for shabu-shabu.
      £22 per person until the end of November.

      i'm surprised its not more popular over here.. Really healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. And very sociable too.

      1. My favorite Japanese place in London thus far is Sakura at 9 Hanover Street, London, W1R 9HF. Their shabu-shabu is fairly expensive (£30) if I remember, but it's a fairly popular option there in the winter. I've not had their shabu-shabu, but I've had literally everything else, including the sukiyaki. Their food their is very good and popular with lots of Japanese ex-pats and Japanese tourists alike.

        1. Ten Ten Tei do a fantastic Oden but not Shabu Shabu that is quite cheap (i think about £7) if £30 is too muchh. I found it to be a fantastic winter warmer. Akami on Essex Rd (N1) really only does comfort food but not Shabu I dont think.