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Nov 26, 2007 02:25 PM

Wine Shops near(ish) West LA?

I'm moving from NY to LA in a few weeks and will desperately miss my local wine shop--truly one of a kind. I was wondering if anyone had any good wine shop recs in or around the West LA area.

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  1. Wine House is in WLA. One of the best wine stores in all of LA.

    1. i second wine house on cotner. also you might want to check out:

      l.a. wine company
      20/20 (very expensive but fun to look)

      and if you are really into might have blast driving to:

      manhattan beach fine wine (manhattan beach)
      woodland hills wine co (woodland hills)
      wine exhcange (orange)
      wine club (santa ana)
      hi time (costa mesa)

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        rickym13, you just summed up in one paragraph what took me 3 or so years to obtain. I hope the OP understands the value of your reply..

      2. Wally's Wine and Spirits. The Wine House on 2311 cotner.

        Are you in and around westwood blvd, or are you west of the 405 around santa monica?

        LA does have some decent stuff, but LA is laid out horribly. it will take time to get used to LA, but if you give it time, it might be bareable for a New Yorker.

        1. Make sure you check out Wine Expo for a great selection of Italian wines and very friendly, helpful staff. They send out a good newsletter as well as interesting emails. You can subscribe to the emails at Wine Expo is a good supplement to, or replacement for, some of the better-known stores.

          Rickym13 mentioned the Wine Exchange in Orange. They have a fantastic selection and have weekend tastings. They also have a great monthly newsletter and frequent emails regarding new selections and opportunities.

          Wine Exchange
          2368 N Orange Mall, Orange, CA 92865

          Wine Expo
          2933 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90404

          1. Wine House is great but K&L usually has better prices. Between the two, you can usually get whatever you're looking for. You can order from any of the K&L branches and bypass shipping by picking up at the store. Another cool feature is the "old and rare" selection where you can occasionally find some gems. Not really West LA-ish though.