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Nov 26, 2007 02:16 PM

torn filo-any ideas

Does anyone have any ideas for using up sheets of torn filo dough? I unrolled before totally defrosted due to my inexperience and impatience. Thanks.

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  1. How badly torn is it? If you can salvage half sheets, make whatever recipe you were aiming for. If it's a total loss, Google "kataifi" which is dried, shredded phyllo. It can be made into cookies and layered in desserts. I would even be tempted to make a layered Greek-style nacho thing.

    1. clafouti, as nemo asked, the question is, how badly torn? Shredded?

      If not quite that bad, it depends what you were intending to make with it.

      If the broken pieces are big enough to handle (with dry hands, once the phyllo is thawed), it's easy enough to patch.

      1. Put the pieces you want to patch together side by side.
      2. Brush them gently with your melted butter.
      3. Lay a third piece of phyllo on top of the tear area.
      4. Now brush that whole patched piece gently with the butter.

      Keep expanding outward to make that sheet as large as you like.
      Make sure it all has been brushed with the butter.
      As long as the butter is there, you can lay other torn pieces on top of that first repaired layer, and patch them as you did the bottom one.

      If they're too small and you don't want to bother with all that, brush mini-muffin or muffin tins with butter. Then start laying in the phyllo fragments, overlapping, until you have all together the equivalent of about six to eight layers of phyllo. Fill it with custard, or a cheese mixture, or chopped spinach and egg seasoned with nutmeg, to make little tarts.

      Or, just layer the little torn fragments on a baking sheet. Brush with butter and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon before layering on another fragment. Pile on some layers and you can have little abstract phyllo crisps, just for a treat or as a garnish for an ice cream or creme dessert. Or use savory spices or herbs instead for a simple little hors d'oeuvre.

      Personally, I like nemo's suggestion--nachos! Or if you really shredded it, nachitos ;-).

      Really, as long as you're not making something very formal, and as long as you keep the phyllo moist and your hands dry, it's very forgiving. So don't sweat it. It will still be yummy.

      1. Dice some apples and cook stovetop with some sugar and cinnamon. Once they are done to your liking, fill a pie plate with them. Brush your filo VERY lightly with melted butter and bunch it up all over the top of the pie plate. You can make it pretty darn high, if you love filo. Bake very quickly, just enough to slightly brown the filo.