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Nov 26, 2007 02:03 PM

NY Hound going to Orlando for New Years

I'll be down in Orlando for a few days at the end of December and would love to get reccomendations for some great dinners. I'll be in the south Orlando area around Disney World, but would not be opposed to traveling up to Winter Park/anywhere within a 1/2 hour radius. Maybe even further if it's really worth it.

We have a preference for French food, but anything good will do. Here's a list of the places i've gone to so far on past visits, and even though some of them were amazing, we always like to try something new:

Le Coq Au Vin
Emeril's (not the Tchop chop one)
Capital Grill
Wolgang's in downtown disney
Medieval Times (yeah maybe you wouldn't have suggested this one anyway)

I've heard great things about The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park and think i'll be sure to visit there, anything else I need to try? Thanks!

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  1. In my book nothing tops Coq au Vin, but you might try the Beacon near downtown in Thornton Park. The food was imaginative and delicious and service was excellent. It can get a bit loud later in the evening. The banquettes are arranged facing floor-to-ceiling windows that let you look out on the action on the patio and the sidewalks of this trendy neighborhood.

    1. The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park is excellent. A gastropub in the tradition of NYC's own Spotted Pig, with great upscale pub atmosphere, amazing draft beer selection, and good people watching.

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        The Pig is by all accounts a wonderful choice. I've never eaten at it but of the 10 or so people that I know that have, not one person did not thoroughly enjoy it.........that being said, if you like Tapas, we do have a new Tapas restaurant in Downtown Orlando on Church Street called 'Ceviche'. Food is in my opinion very good and it has always been a fun time when I have gone.

      2. Just ate at The Ravenous Pig on Saturday, and it definitely lives up to the hype.

        A few local favorites that are not in touristy areas are Blue Bistro on Mills Avenue, and Midnight Blue in Thornton Park.

        Near the attractions, but not at the attractions, is Samba Room on Sand Lake Road (and a bunch of restaurants to choose from on Sand Lake), or Columbia restaurant in Celebration. Upscale Cuban at both of those.

        Beluga in Winter Park Village is great for fish.

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          The Pig is great and worth the 30 minute drive. Just ate at the Oceanaire (next to Capital Grille) and had a wonderful seafood experience. There are not a lot of seafood places here in Orlando and the Oceanaire is worth going. Even though the service was impeccable the "up sales" were a little too much.
          I love Le Coq an Vin, but for something different try Cafe De France on Park Ave in Winter Park.
          I second Midnight Blue in Thorton Park. A lot of the seating is outside. If the weather is decent you will think you've died and gone to heaven dining al fresco in the dead of winter.