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Nov 26, 2007 01:47 PM

holiday gift: bottle of port wine?

my SO loves port wine, which i know nothing about. in fact, i don't even care for it very much, so tasting it at a shop wouldn't be that productive. i would like to find him a great, value-priced (under $40) bottle as a gift, but i need a shop with a knowledgeable and friendly staff (or at least helpful signage).

my question to you all is whether i should go to one of our local bevmo's (does it vary among the locations?), or if is there a wine shop i should go to? feel free to recommend your favorite bottle along with where i should get it!

TIA for any advice!

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  1. K&L has some excellent aged Ports. ~$40 maybe hard to get an LBV with decent age though. You could get a good aged Tawny for that though. Anyway I would recommend K&L, good knowledgeable staff.

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      I agree about K&L's selection and their prices on port are comparable to BevMo. And yes $40 is a modest amount for port (goes further for sherry, madera, California dessert wines like Justin's obtuse or Quady Elysium, or an Australian tawny or "sticky").

      Arlequin wines, the store next to and affiliated with Absinthe, is having a port tasting next Thursday, which means they'll probably have a good selection.

      Might be helpful if you knew a port he liked, so you could ask for someone to help match style.

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        where is k&l, please?

        i will be delving into higher priced ports in a few years, once my law firm salary kicks in. for now, law school tuition has bit far into the gift budget.

        we went to zucca winery in murphys, ca (fabulous weekend of free tastings!) and he loved the 2005 syrah port: he also liked the solomon wine company portrait:

        neither of these are available locally, i do not think. however, thanks to windy for the idea to tell the shop owners his previous port purchases. i should have thought of that! i don't think he's tried many ports, so i would love to speak with an expert at the shop about new ones to try.

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          berkeley -- san pablo ave. and cedar

          Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant
          1605 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

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            Kermit Lynch, while wonderful, is not K&L.

            1. re: Windy

              And as far as I know has no port.

            1. re: dhoffman1421

              I can vouch for Prager's. Just tried the Aria white port, which is rather dry. But I would bet their Syrah port (available for less than $40, I believe) would be a winner.

              And you cannot go wrong with Justin Vineyards port from Paso Robles. To die for.

        2. Try the Spanish Table on University Ave in Berkeley. Their wine buyer is very knowledgeable and they have a huge selection. (The store name is kind of a misnomer -- they have a lot of Portuguese products as well.)

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            I second The Spanish Table, but they are located on San Pablo Avenue between Hearst and Delaware, not on University Avenue.

            The Spanish Table
            1814 San Pablo Ave
            Berkeley, CA 94702
            Mon-Sat 10:00am-6:00pm, Sun 11:00am-5:00pm

          2. The wine board has several current threads on port.

            Agree on the K&L recommendation.

            Kermit Lynch is an excellent wine retailer, though I cannot vouch for his port selection.

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            1. re: maria lorraine

              K&L has an excellent port selection.

              1. re: Paul H

                Graham’s Vintage Port is always perfection

                1. re: Lori SF

                  opps just saw that you wanted 40.00 or less. sorry

            2. Royal Tokaji from Hungary is the trendy and not-so-expensive pick.

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              1. thanks to everyone! this information is so helpful.