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Nov 26, 2007 01:30 PM

Pre-Trip last post

First of all thank you for all of the advice and insight over the last couple of months. We fly out on Friday night, so now I am panicking a little bit. Below are my notes:

So here is what I learned… I think. If any of you have time help me narrow down in each of the "categories" below or feel free to comment on incorrect or incomplete info.

Bistro and Brasserie prices – 30-140 euros per person (service included but a few Euros is a nice gesture)
Fine Dining – 200-500 per person

Staying in the 7th (Latour Maubourg) there are good and affordable options around the corner from the hotel.
-Chez les Anges – Modern Bistro – 32e menu
-La Source – good for breakfast or to grab a Kir
- Florimond
-Leo le Lion
- Petit Troquet
-Au Bon Accueil
-Café Constant

In the Marais
- le Dome du Marais
- Le 3

Other than Marais or 7em – Casual and somewhat affordable
- Le Comptior
- Fish
- L’Epi dupin
- Aux Fin Gourmet

Good Restaurant options for the birthday meal (80-120e per person)
- Violon d’Ingres
- Les Ormes
- Maceo - Leaning towards this one for the Birthday – do the price ranges above apply?
- Vin sur Vin
- Le Clos des Gourmets

- Laudre is a must and the one in the 6th is less crowded – do these travel well in case I want to grab some to bring home as a gift?

Doner Kebabs – the best ones are in the 10th

Notes Not sure
- W at the Warwick – In my notes I wrote ugly building charming restaurant – good food good buy – anyone care to elaborate?
- L’Orme – out of the way – is it worth the travel time? Any info on price range per person with wine (less expensive wines are fine)

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  1. Regarding le W, go back and look at my post on your original thread. The prix fixe dinner is 49 or 55 euros depending on the day of week, which is considerably less than any other Michelin-starred restaurant I know of. Violon d'Ingres was wonderful when I was there 5 years ago, but it is now a more casual place with greatly reduced prices and a simpler menu, so I don't know what to expect.

    Be sure to post your experiences when you return and have a great trip.

    Don't forget l'Os a Moelle. Great food and value. An easy metro ride from the 7th.

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    1. re: rrems

      I have eaten at Violon many times since it first opened back when it had 2 stars up until just recently.

      In the early days it was a full service place that pretty much replicated what Constant had at the Crillion. There were loads of waiters in the dining room that did things like only serve bread, only pour water, follow you to the rest room, etc. The service was really good and the cooking equal.

      By my assessment, anyway, all they did was cut out the overhead in dining room staff while maintaining the quality of cooking when they reformulated. Many of the items that were on the pre-reformulation menu are still available. The dining room was completely redecorated for the reformulation (I think this is the 3rd time in the life of this restaurant).

      All in all, Violon offers really good cooking at a very reasonable price. You have to pour your own wine now but I can do that for food that is half the price or less than it used to be.

    2. Your list of restaurants are good though many serves the same style of food. I would include a classic bistro or two. Macaroons travel ok. The texture changes to soft and a little chewry but still taste good. I wouldn't keep them for more than a couple of days.

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      1. re: PBSF

        We are going to eat at Florimond for Dinner on Thursday night, and we will be eating at Hidden Kitchen for Dinner on Saturday night. Do you have a classic bistro you could recommend for Friday night?

        FYI we chose Hidden Kitchen because of the familiar friendly dinner party vibe in lieu of another one on one dinner for the night of my partner's birthday.

        1. re: centrejack

          Aha - see you there - we're booked at Hidden Kitchen on Saturday too ...

          1. re: Theresa

            Great! I look forward to meeting you. We have never done anything like that before so it should be a fun adventure.

      2. Jack, I had dinner at Maceo Saturaday evening, and you can be a glutton for those prices there! The 4-course tasting menu is 46 euros. I ordered a la carte and still ended up around 70 euros.

        The food was fabulous, even after a whole week of 2-star dining in Reims.

        1. <Macrons
          - Laudre is a must and the one in the 6th is less crowded – do these travel well in case I want to grab some to bring home as a gift?> If you mean Laduree, you may have trouble finding it with your spelling.

          Macarons do travel quite well, especially if they pack them in boxes for you.