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Nov 26, 2007 01:28 PM

Restaurant with good wine for 3 guys

Looking for a restaurant that:

1. Is moderately priced (basically less than $40 per person not including tax, tips, wine)
2. Has good food (goes without saying, really)
3. Has a great wine list
4. Is not too intimate / dark / romantic, we're 3 guys trying to catch up, after all! It'd be slightly awkward if it is a date spot or something.

Location doesn't matter as long as it's in Manhattan.


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  1. Here are some ideas:


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    1. re: kpsquared

      i'll second otto. good, not great, food. the wine list is extensive and well thought out. consider glomming onto a stand-up table in the bar area: give vent to your wine passions and foody proclivities. drinking/eating at the bar is pretty good, too. better, sometimes, because you can interact with the barkeep.

    2. Etcetera Etcetera - not a huge wine list but what they have is very good

      Telepan (this might push the $ limit)

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      1. re: Spiritchaser

        I ate at Etcetera Etcetera before a Broadway show last December and really enjoyed my meal there. I had a nice glass of wine as well...just can't remember what type.

        Also would 2nd Artisanal but some people have said it could get loud in there in the past when I have recommended it for different things.

        I would add CraftBar to the list. Although I'm not positive about their wine list.

          1. The Harrison has a very good wine list and good food. I went earlier this year so I defer to hounds who may have more recent experiences regarding the food. It's a little dark but not romantic, more of a business vibe.

            I like Artisanal but didn't check out their wine list when I was there. It's lively and can be noisy if you're trying to catch up. My friend had the prix fixe dinner and really enjoyed the steak.

            We were at Crispo about a week ago and the food was good. A huge entree (enough for two) was less than $20. Didn't check out the wine list. It can be noisy (see recent thread on atmosphere and what to order).

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            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Might suggest Veritas, but it might be difficult to stay under budget. Great food, and of course, wine.