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Nov 26, 2007 01:09 PM

Honeybaked Ham

I'm thinking of ordering a honeybaked ham gift basket (ham + imported chocolates and such) as a xmas gift for my ham-loving brother. Does anyone have any comments (good or bad) about honeybaked?


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  1. There's nothing gourmet about them, but jeez, I love them. And guests eat them up. There's one in Devon by Whole Foods.

    1. Every December 23 for as long as I can remember a Honeybaked ham has arrived at my mom's house as a gift from her cousin. She looks forward to it every year and always serves it at our Christmas Eve party. Everyone loves it and there are always plenty of leftovers for at least a week. Your brother will probably love it!

      1. My family is a ham loving one. We had a ham and a turkey for Thanksgiving. In addition to Honey Baked Ham, there is also Heavenly Ham. There is a general consensus in our family that the Heavenly Ham may edge out the Honey Baked Ham in terms of flavor. We are second generation Irish Americans and also refer to the Honey Baked Ham as the Funeral Ham, since there is always one around whenever someone dies. :(
        Whatever, this is not a gourmet item as the OP said, but it is delicious, and what a great gift. BTW: some of their side dishes are really good from Honey Baked Ham.
        There is a Heavenly Ham store in Marlton and in Broomall; but you can order online as well.

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          Actually, I prefer Honey Baked Ham to Heavenly Ham. Have had both at holidays and both are very good and loved by my family and guests. There used to be a Honey Baked Ham on Germantown Pike in East Norriton and there is a Heavenly Ham on Rte. 202 in New Britain. I have also had a honey baked ham from Costco that, while not as good as the two aforementioned places, is not bad at about half the price.

        2. Thanks for the input! Sounds like some of you are fans and might be interested in a link where you can order at a discount on-line. I hear that this is almost unheard of so I wanted to pass it on to all of you in case you were interested:

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          1. Are there better Hams......Possibly

            I love Honey Baked's a great gift for business or family.....a very nice and thoughtful tradition to start and continue.