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Nov 26, 2007 12:55 PM


Hi All,

Where can I find the best fruitcake in Montreal? I bought one today from the Pain Dore store on Peel in downtown. It wasn't the best use of $13.50. It's not a bad fruitcake, but it's not the best. And for $13.50 for a small loaf, it's a bit steep for a mediocre cake. The cake itself is dry and crumbly, though rich with candied fruit and raisins.

The cake is too dry for my tastes. I'm thinking of dousing it with some dark rum and letting it set for a bit. Is this a good idea? Or is it throwing good money after bad? Alternatively, I'm thinking of toasting it and spreading some butter over the cake.

Any thoughts on where I can find the best fruitcake in Montreal? And how to jazz up a bland fruitcake?



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  1. In Late December 1991, I bought ten Laura Secor Fruit Cakes that had been reduced half price. Sixteen years later, we still have one half cake left! It has remained fairly moist, has mellowed very well and is still the best we have ever tasted. As recommended by members, I will be wrapping this last one with rhum soaked cheesecloth to enjoy the cake in style.

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      1. I'm not very knowledgeable about fruitcake, but I imagine a store like Bramble House in Pointe-Claire (, or Clarence & Cripps ( in St-Lazare (both specialty importer of British products), would have some English fruitcakes for the Christmas season.

        1. from sandra phillips blog today:

          If you just must have a Claxton fruitcake for the holidays, there is a way to buy them and give money to charity at the same time. The Lakeshore Civitan club is selling them at $5 per pound. Proceeds will be donated to many West Island organizations. Phone: 514-626-6431

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            I was just thinking that many churches and community groups make and sell fruitcakes, and some of that baking is very good indeed (they get donations of butter etc.) St-George's Anglican Church right downtown used to do some Christmas things - perhaps a fruitcake, and plum pudding. I'm sure there are others.

          2. Marché des aveurs makes theire own fruit cake. Haven't tasted it yet , but I know who gave them the recepie , so it could be good...

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            1. I found a listing on of someone in Montreal selling fruitcakes. The feedback is very positive. S/he is charging $18.00 USD for a loaf (which has been soaked in brandy, btw).

              I've already bought two fruitcakes, the one from Pain Dore, and one from Metro Grocery store, the "MC" Master Class brand, which incidentally, tastes better than the one from PD! Since I have so much cake, I'm not going get this one.

              If anybody tries it, let us know!