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Nov 26, 2007 12:48 PM

Sushi-Making Class?

I'd like to sign up for a cooking class for first-timers with sushi (ie they eat it but have never made it). Any recommendations in SF or the East Bay?


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  1. I think the CCA might have classes on basic sushi making in one of their weekend classes. You might want to check with them.

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    1. re: OnceUponABite

      I don't see any weekend classes advertised. Do you have any experience with them?

      1. re: Maya

        FYI, I dont think this is still offered at CCA. I emailed and received no response, then called and was asked for my educational history so that I could be patched through to an admissions representative. My repeated question as to whether they offered one-time classes was not answered. I'm still searching...

    2. how hardcore are you trying to get? i know some cities offer some sushi making classes in their adult education classes.

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      1. re: kc72

        More like a Home Chef kind of deal, but unfortunately theyre only in Walnut Creek now, and I was looking for something closer if at all possible.

      2. Mari's Catering offers both beginner's and advanced sushi making classes. I've never taken these classes, so I am not sure how they are, but the website says "The core team members include a Japanese chef and a Japanese nutritionist who know Japanese food and history inside and out."

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          1. don't know if you're still looking for sushi classes, but i saw a sushi place on fillmore & chestnut with a blackboard outside offering it. you should check it out. i think i'm going to go. they have like a 101, 102, etc. course. it was on 102 when i went, but i'll walk by and check it out again. hope this helps.