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Nov 26, 2007 12:43 PM

best coffee in SD

who serves the best cup of coffee in SD? A good - non-Starbucks - atmosphere would be a bonus.

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  1. If it's just coffe you're after and not specialty drinks or a good European style espresso, you'll have choices. For local flavor and comfort Twigg's is (Park & Madison) hard to beat. They, unfortunately, do not brew a decent cup of coffee in spite of using Caffe Calabria coffee. They do, however, have a nice selection of baked goods which they make themselves. I'm particularly fond of the molasses and sugar cookies. It is a good place to linger, read the paper or a book, work on your computer or simply hang out and watch the neighborhood go by. It has a great lived in feel to it. Caffe Calabbria (30th St., 1/2 block north of University), BTW, does a nice job with coffee.

    Jungle Java in Ocean Beach does decent coffee and even decent frou-frou specialty drinks. So do the drive through coffee shacks at Zion and Mission Gorge Rds. and Jackson Dr. and Navajo Rd.

    This topic comes up with pretty good regularity on this board. You can try searching coffee and San Diego and you should get plenty of hits. The general consensus is that while there are some good roasters in town doing good work, there seems to be a lack of well trained baristas. If your coffee preference doesn't require a barista to produce, you're in luck....

    1. Here's a thread about espresso in SD... while you may not be looking for espresso, some of the recs should have good coffee.

      1. this avoids the question of atmosphere since there is none, but the best coffee in town can be found at the coffee cart across Dickenson St. from UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest.

        1. Ryan Bro's in the spot formerly occupied by Chueys

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            Rebecca's in South Park, off 30th. Great atmosphere, great coffee, fantastic scones, and most of the time Rebecca herself is there, a great woman.

          2. claire de lune, on 30th and university. best coffee i've had in sd, great atmosphere, really yummy food.

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              I like a plain old basic coffee at Brockton Villa in LJ, great full body flavor. They do have Bread & Cie stuff there, but I would stay away from eating breakfast there.

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                The Coast Toast is excellent - usually - but it's the only thing to order. The pastries from B&C are pretty good too.

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                  It is excellent but very pricey. That's the downer, hese places have to ditch their tourist trap prices, there used to be lines to get in BV on the week-ends, no more. Hope they wake-up.