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Nov 26, 2007 12:42 PM

Romance in Key West

Two 20-something New Yorkers looking for a special romantic restaurant as a respite from bar skipping in Key West. Hoping to keep it below $70pp and avoiding places that are seafood heavy. TIA!

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      1. re: Nick

        Antonia's Chef has left to do something on his own (Azur) so I would not suggest it for a special evening until they regroup.

      2. But 915 and Opera are both viable options? Any others? I would hope there are brilliant restaurants in Key West than just those two.

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        1. re: JungMann

          Some people give it a bad rap, but we had an amazingly romantic - and delicious - dinner at Louie's Backyard. You have to sit outside... the inside decor is nothing to write home about... ask for the two-person tables that face out to ocean (you sit side by side). The atmosphere there is proposal-worthy, it's that nice.

          Louie's Backyard
          700 Waddell Ave, Key West, FL 33040

          1. re: LauraFL

            Louie's is a huge tourist trap. You will not find locals having dinner there. They go there for lunch and to have drinks. It is also much more than 70pp. Skip it. The problem is there are a lot of great places but the 70pp might be a little low plus being an island, many of the good places are seafood heavy.

        2. What would be a more realistic price point? I think we can increase the budget for something that will please.

          1. we got married in Key West and afterwards took the shuttle boat out to the Hilton ( I think it's the Hilton....) that is on a seperate little island. We had a beautiful outdoor tiki torch lit dinner. We had surf n turf and it was perfect. I am sure someone more local could remember the name of the's been 7 years now and I shamefully don't remember. Other good dinners were at Mango's and A&B Lobsterhouse. Make sure to go to 1/2 Shell Raw Bar though when you want just plain good fried seafood and oysters in a non-romantic setting.

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            1. re: rhnault

              Mango's changes hands a while ago and its not as good as it once was. A&B is wonderful but it is seafood heavy. Google it and look at the menu and see what you think. Another idea is Bagetelle. Hilton in now a Westin. You could also look at The Rooftop Cafe.

              1. re: rhnault

                That's Sunset Key and the restaurant's called Latitudes.

                Sunset Key is my absolute favorite place in Key West. It is a Westin now, but that hasn't affected the place itself.

                We also like Pisces, and Alice's. Of the two, Pisces, is probably more romantic, with a French style