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Nov 26, 2007 11:53 AM

Connecticut Chocolate?

Just moved to New Haven from Kansas City, and cannot imagine the holiday season without chocolates around the house. Before I send off for a box of Christopher Elbow from back home, can anyone recommend any local chocolate makers? Cheers.

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  1. jfood's favorite is not around the corner from you but is in Kent, CT. It's called Belgique Patisserie & Chocolatier

    1 Bridge St.
    Junction of Route 7 & 3451
    Kent, CT 06757

    1. Belgique is fantastic.

      Also consider Chocopologie in SoNo - Rumor has it that they are pairing with Thali in New Canaan for a set dinner in the future.

      In the greater Danbury area is Bridgewater Chocolates. I've never tried it, but have heard good things overall.

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        jfood has tried a few times at the SONO location but it is always so busy or late with little inventory. There is also a sign on 123 just south of Wendy's in the same strip mall as Fat's Pizza (no joke) that has the Knipschidt sign. Is that open to thepublic?

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          I believe that it is a production-only facility, not open to the public. I could be wrong though.

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            The Knipschildt by Fat's is production only.

      2. Bridgewater Chocolates are really good, I have tried many varieties and was never disapointed

        1. Munson's is a Connecticut manufacturer. The chocolate is very creamy and good but not a fancy-pants kind of thing. They have stores on Route 1 in Orange and on New Britain Ave. in West Hartford - maybe other outlets, too.

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            There's a Munson's in Westport on the Post Road/Route 1.

          2. In Manchester there's a small chocoltae shop called Organic Belgium Chocolates - it's in the Parkade shoipping center. Shady Glen (great ice cream) is not far from there.